Cool Dudes Incorporated by ExtremisT & slvr70
Cool Dudes Incorporated by ExtremisT & slvr70
because i said
so.. wahaha!
cool dudes inc
suce-op: fractal
Drawn by The ExtremisT and Silverthorn / fire96
this cutting F1 line is not part of the ansi: kill it! -st
err, silverthorn talking,. i decided to stay at extremists house this night,
and it looks like we drew. ataboy. fuckin cute logo weve done. i did all the
outlines, except for the litte head with a hat and after that, text started to
shade.. comment from me in the background. 7 hours for the shading its almost
impossible to shade my outlines .. but it kicks ass. really.
inspiration for this ansi come from my head, so its 100 original. yay.
now the greets:
halaster you should see the version with halshadec.. wouahahah
iodine man, you are my logo hero.
tna AND is followers im sorta bored of your cheaps standard type of
ridicoulous shading.
darkforce eh, when youll have time i MUST trade with you.. btw, leave acid
and join fire ostie!
eerie samsara ca buche, mais fire buche encore plus bon. btw, essaie donc de
refaire des logos commme dans le temps de integrity pis spastic..
me will you draw your damn two chicks??!?!@
aristote mhh, asteur fait le R de krv
mhh, i need to sleep too. join fire sometime!
cut fucking here
text here.. Well, Idid some little parts of the outline too, and while Iwas
the one on the keyboard, Silverthorn helped alot with the shading. yeah, it
really took something like 5-6 hours to shade this bitch: we had to make the
ultimate shading choice for every character in the screen, and had to both
agree on that choice : And as you can see, sts outline isnt composed of
complete lines like Im used to do with my own fonts learning to shade that
was a whole new experience. now on for some greets ANDgrunts:
tnas followers: tna not included CALICE DE TABARNAKS, TROUVEZ-VOUS UN STYLE.
hal:you do NOT want to see that halshade version hehe
Silverthorn: your heroes are dead. stop dreaming, kid. :
Fire members: hey, Id really like to see your little asses in fire!
oh, this is beginning to get too long already. bye.