How To Draw Like M3! [2/?] by Halaster
How To Draw Like M3! [2/?] by Halaster
hal-h2p2.ans : how2 draw like m3! part 2/?
welcome to my second ever tutorial. at least, its sort of a
tutorial. its more like a documentation of how i did one of
my most recent fonts. its also a font that uses some wacky
ideas, so i wanted to share em with you all.
its kinda lame how most of the scene is doing lots of LD or
not inspired block fonts .. often with CK suns or other
common and boring backgrounds. : i prefer the work of those
like iodine and eerie, who do a different font style almost
every time. in any case, on with the show.
version: the first
here ive sketeched the first few letters. i always sketch the
whole font before shading, but i used to be less disciplined.
i think ive gotten better since i switched to this method, though.
as you can see, some of the smaller details are already there, like
the details at points 1 and 2.
version: the second
3 4
in this version, ive added the p and completely revamped
the v. i like the new v a lot better, especially the part by
points 1 and 2. i also added the streaks at point 3 and adjusted
the angle at point 4.
version: the third
here ive added the basic shading. i was inspired by tgh for this
particular font, so i did his verticle shading without bothering to
match it on the horizontal side, if you see what i mean. thats
something that tgh seems to do. for example, he shades like this:
.. which shows that hes not checking the horizontals to
put them in sequence. hey, it still looks cool.
when i shade, on the other hand, my sequences always line up
.. like this:
or whatever.
i also redid the bottom of the p at point 1.
version: the fourth
ok. here all i did was add the background. basically, i was trying
for an oldschool lack of color seperation on the left and a shadow
on the right. so i made every piece of blue seperated from every
piece of the font by exactly 2 spaces. check it if you like.
the only part where i broke the rules was at point 1.
version: the fifth
ok. this version looks pretty similar to the last, but theres
actually a pretty major change. i redid the bottom of the p to make
it match the angle of the v on the left. point 1 i also started
messing around with some shading styles to see what id end up doing.
version: the sixth
in this version i shaded the bottom of hte background. the shading
is typical for me. i used the f3f2f1 that everyone uses and some
iodine/magneticm inspired f5f6 shading. i also changed some color
15 spots in the font to color 7 because you can do this but you
cant put on without icecolor, which sucks. of course, worked
fine where it was needed, as did .
version: the seventh
this step was actually one of the hardest .. doing the to
transition was a lot harder than i thought itd be. notice the
mistake at point 1 with the background spacing. i also did some
of the f1/f4 magic see bottom! at point 2.
version: the final
vampyric hal logo image
this is the final released version thats in my colly. as you can see,
i added a little more detail here and there and some more f1/f4
magic. ACTUALLY! i see some places that could use a touchup! notice
that i forgot to use the f1/f4 magic with the on .. time to fix that.
oh yeah, i also changed stuff at point 1 and added the burst at
point 2. i really like them bursts.
version: the TRUE final much smoother.
vampyric hal logo image
thanks for your time!
halaster fire
oh yeah.. theres more.
f1/f4 magic:
for those of you who havent figured this out yet, you can do cool
shit with f1s and inverse f4s.
instead of or , you can do or !
see how they seem to become one block? neat, eh?
it looks cool in big shade areas .. like this:
bad version
good version
this is something i use all the time .. try it.