#info# fire news by senior staff
#info# fire news by senior staff
. v9- f1RE.gRAPHICS
..:: Inferior CPU dots...
Its recently been pointed out to me that things at Fire are starting
to get a bit... well, routine. The fact that there isnt much for me
to say about the past month has pretty much proved this to me. Sure,
it might be nice to sit back once youve assembled a great team of
artists and just expect great things to happen, but thats no fun.
To remedy this, well be taking on a whole new attitude. Well be
shaking up convention, exploring new avenues, taking on new challenges.
I want all of our members to think of a project theyve been meaning
to do for a long time and just do it. Get it out of the way. Or even
more appropriately, take something youve already dismissed as
impossible or inappropriate and do THAT.
To me, art is all about evolution. Stagnation equals death. Do what
hasnt been done before, either by yourself or anyone else, and you
should end up better off than you were before.
Fireweb.org is getting close to being operational. Look for some kind
of official launch this month. Until then, you can find us at:
-god among lice
..:: domino? no way, we color and shade our blocks...
Shortly after the last pack we finally were ready to give longtime Fire
member and k-spiff font artist Vade79 what he deserves and so he was
promoted to senior staff of the Golden Bees... congrats Chris
We welcome two new ansi guys to our ranks this month who come to us from the heat of early European summer...
From the ashes of Blend Riddler decided to follow his pal Ville into
Fire... look out for his fresh logo stuff in this pack and hopefully
some new pics soon...
With Noize another german artists joins up with Fire. Coming from
Mean Scheme and Black Maiden he already made himself a name in some
areas and will hopefully get YOUR attention now, too...
Nobody leaving this month? Hey, looks like were kinda stable again.
One more thing...
i have to say thanks to somebody special who helped me and cheered me
up when i was deep down and was about to quit scene for good last
month... so its thanks to the fontist of the fontists, thanks Alex.
..:: Weve gone to Alaskii...
Our ascii artists seem to have gone on a summer vacation of sorts this
month. Baphomet was apparently left behind, however, as he was able
to send us something for the pack. Lets just hope it was only some
hiking and sightseeing in Denali National Park and not a permanent
change of address.
..:: Real Art? naaaah...
Fire vga now officially has a new motto: No Boundaries. The goal
here is to stretch all previous ideas of what computer art is, and to
change what people expect to see from it. This will involve an
increased infusion of material from other, more traditional media, as
well as a greater emphasis on exploration and creation of new styles.
Another step taken will be the active search and recruitment of artists who share this attitude and who take their artwork as seriously as we
do. I know there are people out there who have similar goals in their artistic endeavours it is only a matter of letting them know that we
exist and that there are others like us.
Look for some fresh faces and fresh attitudes come next month.
-god among lice
..:: Turned soporific?
Things look just great. To think, not long ago I was downright worried
about Fires future. Right now, I cant remember the last time I was
so excited about the road ahead. For the first time, I feel like we
actually have the power to do something significant. Now I dare you
to do something significant yourself.
-god among lice