Fire Newsletter for 6/96 by Halaster + Company
Fire Newsletter for 6/96 by Halaster + Company
- i babble! -
boy is it tempting to retire! : im having so much back home, its
kinda hard to believe. a job should soon follow, if all goes well,
which means that any NORMAL group president would be saying things
like well, im retiring for a while .. i just dont have time for
the scene. NOT I, SAID THE FAT MAN! even if normal life is rocking,
fire is rocking just as well. the group is stronger than it has ever
been, in all aspects, and i have no plans on leaving. so sit back, laugh,
cry, fart and puke all at once cuz p1s got sumthin to say! shiz.
- prisonnier numero une parle bien maintenant avec!!@* : -
Long time no email everyone.. Classes are done for a month, and Life
gets a little better.
Im not entirely a staff member mostly because Im a lazy shit at
heart but Id like to mention once again that duel-grouping sucks. I
realize some ppl go against this idea, of those I asked on irc mostly,
but still... when you devote your time to one group the Artwork is
better, you get fed up less, and your sex life gets better... Trust me
on that last one. Duel-grouping only poses problems. If you are
doing a mag and Fire or modding and Fire, thats cool...there isnt
much conflicting interest. But dueling two art groups generally sucks.
Both groups in the end get screwed.
When you think of the all-time great artists, such as somms, you
generally think of Empire, Acid, then Legend...but he wasnt in those
groups at the same time. Using somms as an example, he didnt need any
affils from duel-grouping to make his board great...just the acid name
and his own reputation got him everything that made Terra Firma BBS
Blah-ba blah blah ba
But enough of this talk... the subject of dueling has been beaten to
death. Dont you think? AKA Jim Morley
- im back -
i think p1 summed up the dualing problem pretty well, so ill leave it
at that. fire doesnt usually have a problem with dualing in general, but
there are one or two people who shall remain nameless who are currently
doing this evil deed. colorblind and spirit of illusion .. oops. :
and now, a word from the french national committee on being eerie:
- from the french national comittee on being eerie -
hi, heres the almighty eerie-kun talking to you fire whore about
miscellaneous matter. well, people have been asking me lately the following things, after CAN YOU DO ME FR33 ANTSEE?!?!!? ARE YOU REALLY
EERIE?!! comes :
why the kun?
well, kun is a japanese suffix meaning man. like if you said that man eerie, yknow. why i do that? i like getting such attention. i like it
when people have nothing better to do than talking about me.
ahahah. im such a funny guy. well, i gotta go now, so back to you jesse.
- a return to normality? -
next month were releasing on time, bunny-gummers. ive had it with this
2 day late crap. get your stuff to me, in one zip file, on the day before
we release that being july 6th, next month or ill just have to be
- newbies newbies newbies! -
april showers bring may flowers. may flowers bring fire members! uh?
this month we welcome silverthorn, whos a talented ansi doodler! st
arrives from somewhere near where the extremist plants his bum. :
hellos also to k-factor, formerly known as NttK of iCE. hopefully,
k-factor will have some coolie stuff for us next month. we couldnt
afford jesus, but we got econochrist! yes, this money-saving ascii
drawing machine comes just in the nick of time, as fractal decided this
month to step down as ascii coordinator next month to persue the ansi
medium. fire sends a big bon jour! to bisounours, formerly of tiny
toons, as he joins up with fire this month. bis is one of the few
french yes, the european country artists in the scene, and were
honored to have him aboard. hes also got a neat little style, all his
own. from parts unknown to my eyes comes ize chuckle chuckle ize is
apparently a new ansi artist, and he shows great promise, i think.
check his stuff out in this very pack! floating point also hooks up
with fire this month with a swanky loader! i love loaders! more
loaders NOW!
- ive been eating too much drano -
this newsletter was created in a record 15 minutes. : please forgive
any errors, omissions or bad humor.
halaster fire