Carebear Spirit #1 by Bisounours
Carebear Spirit #1 by Bisounours
. Bisounours presents Carebear Spirit 1 .
This one was drawn in a few minutes at the Saturne96 demo party.
Krypton Logo. yeah I know you can read
Two ... erm... whatisits..
This one was drawn for the Orange Juice Ansi Competition. Just a project I made to spice up the French ansi scene! well I guess two people dont form a scene,
City of Rlyeh, a cool little board in France.
c i t y o f
r l y e h
Last Callers logo for my board, Dune.
OneLiner logo for Dune.
i dont know who invented
those yellow things first,
but i really love them!
by the way, if you dont know what to draw, Im in need of ansis for Dune. it gets really boring to look at your own logos again and again and again....
I can draw one in return if you like what I draw.
Crepuscule, the Tiny Toons Atlantic Hideout
To get in touch with me: Dune +33-1-4879o422.
or send email to: on irc: demofr,ansi,fire