#info# fire news by fire staff
#info# fire news by fire staff
. v9-
..:: Yep! Its another fire pack..
There isnt nearly as much to say this month as there were last
month, so hopefully some people other than yourself will actually
be reading the news this time around.
Fire coding has had some new life breathed into it this month. A
little while ago I was pleasantly surprised to see our old fire
coders, Maxwell and Lord Cracker, both in fire. I was even more
more pleasantly surprised when both told me they planned to return
to the scene and fire and start doing some coding for us. Maxwell
plans to pick up where he left off and begin work on a new viewer
for fire, while Lord Cracker will be concentrating on demo-ish
stuff. Welcome back guys!
The Extremist has been hopefully temporarily removed from his
position as communications coordinator. The duties of his job
became somewhat more difficult after he lost his internet
account. : Im sure Text will surface sooner or later, however,
and well gladly reinstate him as long as hes still up
for the job.
Firewebs still around. Hopefully the summer will give us some
time to finally get fireweb.org up and running. Until then it
still can be found at http://patriot.net/panacea.
Thats all the general news for now that I can think of. Here
are the other coords to tell you more specific stuff.
-God among Lice
..:: ANSI? Yes, we still do that once in a while..
Again there have been changes in our roster of ansi gods.
The good news is that two people from germany joined us,
but there are also three people leaving our ranks.
Leonardo of Mean Scheme and Black Maiden joined us to become a
little more famous. This guy definately deserves your attention.
His art simply rocks, and not just because he is one of the few
guys who still has a unique style. Leonardo won the Mekka
Symposium 97 ansi competition, beating The Knight of Fuel and
Mr4tune of Fire, and previously of CIA and Echo.
Speaking of Mr4tune, he placed second at the Mekka Symposium.
He left his affiliation with CIA and Echo to join our ranks.
Fire welcomes both Leonardo and Mr4tune.
Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to three pals. Avenger
decided to leave us because hes been far too busy with
his senior positions in Black Maiden and his recently founded
ascii group, Zenith. Avenger has also been spending time drawing
for the German ansi group, Mean Scheme.
Fever accepted the tempting offer of Twilight ansi senior
position. And Numb, that person on earth we h8 so much g,
decided that it was time to feel fed up with drawing ansi for
a while. We will miss you pals...
As for the pack itself: I guess weve had better months. But
we still have some awesome pics to serve, so dont get any
funny ideas. Fire ansi still sets your world aflame, kid.
..:: Pariah speaks of his adventures in ASCII LAND!
This has been a pretty slow month for everyone in Fire!ascii
including myself. Many of our members new and old didnt submit
any art. However, its still a quality release, which is really
the main idea. Quality over quantity.
This month we gained the artistic talent of Point Blank, a great
artist formerly from serial, and the original fire!ascii.
Compuman also joined up, bringing his unique style along with
him. Discofunk left for unknown reasons, and we wish him the
best of luck with his senior position in the new odelay. Sick of being confused for an Arab, Haji changed his nick to Zygotron.
May has been a slow month for us, but hopefully next month
members will produce a large amount of asciis in compensation.
I am in the process of working out a merger type deal that would
greatly elevate the quality of ascii in fire!a. So stay tuned
for that next month...
Send applications to pariah@digitaldreams.ml.org or
pariahFAT on irc.
-Pariah, Fire!ascii coordinator.
..:: Hirez, schmirez.
Me again. This is probably the first month in quite a while that
I cant say that our vga division has done at least or about as
well as we have in preceding months. Basically, this is just a
lack of output from our members. So, if you draw vga, and youre
in fire, then get off your lazy ass and do something! And do it
on time! Next pack is Saturday, June 7.
Our only change in the member list this month is the removal of
Winbee. You may be thinking that this is because of inactivity,
but this is however not the case. Winbee finally showed up after
a long absence, but it seems he feels that he doesnt fit in with
us. And maybe hes right.
That is it.
Greetings all you credulous beings out there!
Two major events occured this month that will affect Fire forever.
The most unbelievable, of course, is the fact that ABC decided to
show an article about the ANSI Scene. In a special Monday-night
Prime Time Live on June 23rd, 1997, William Shatner will focus on
the recent changes in technology and the Internet. This article
will focus primarily on Fire and its valiant efforts to raise the
quality of life for teenagers using the Internet. Fire does this
by giving teenagers something to do in the afternoon besides
looking at pornography and pirating commercial software. Members
cannot wait to see the program, and Eerie promises to mail ansi
artists video-cassette copies of the article upon request.
Secondly, After heavy debate and a few fist-fights, Fire Seniors
159 as Fires official ascii symbol. This was done to ensure
Fires compliance with the ISPFs The Internet Safety and Purity
Foundation new guidelines relating to the public distribution of
non-commercial files through areas of low-bandwidth. System
Administrators wondering how these guidelines will effect them
may email panacea@patriot.net.
-panacea, ire senior.
..:: Outro.
I think our shift to releasing the first Saturday of each month
has turned out to be a good idea. The atmosphere while getting
the pack together has been much more relaxed than in the past.
Then again, maybe thats just because there was less artwork than
normal to organize this month. After last months Mistigris tour
stop, this month has been tame.
I hope you can make do with what we have to offer with this
pack. Look for some more incredible artwork in the months to
follow and beyond.
-God among Lice, fire president.
. :..... .. . . . .. ...: :::oooossssyyyyp. -zn
:..:: 4b.
i Newsletter written by God Among Lice, Nail, Pariah, ,d888b.
lII and some Panacea. http://patriot.net/panacea/ dP 4b.
Sll 4b.
. .. SS ::oooosssssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyb,
4P y y yy yyy