Legion of Knights by Everybody, everybody
Legion of Knights by Everybody, everybody
a joint production by Fire and Mistigris , thanks out t
o those who participate
dct , qt , mz , nit , iori , jg , yt , fv , text , an
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- similarity to zeus ii of cias past or present are entirely co
incidental and -
-- should be interpreted in a confron
tational and superior manner.--
a joint production in celebration of the mistigris tour.
mist releases with fir
one by one they fell, in numbers countless.
Beowulf and Grendels mother weird
King Arthur of the Britons - Mordred dauntless.
The noble set to lie low by the feared.
Sir Gawain got his neck nicked by the Green
Coeur de lion was matched by Saladin.
The virtuous fall finally to the mean -
one never roots for stalwary paladin.
The good and pure must fall they always do
and there the story ends. We never hear
just how the victor cheered and had a few.
But there the difference appears in clear
We tell the vanquished knights bold deeds andg
No one wants to hear a villains foulest stories.
legion of knights
Legion of Knights font: The Silent Killer Fire font: Fever
Michaelanglo: Questor Mistigris font: The Extremist
Shredder: Jughead Lit: Cthulu
Raphael: Mage Splinter: Questor
Foot Soldier: Iori Yagami Legion of Knights font: Fever
Leonardo: Iori Yagami touch-ups: Fever
and Nitnatsnoc
--- 500 line proof ---