Logo Colly by Nail
Logo Colly by Nail
nail fire
--- disco volante - trade with zircus
. . disco. .. .volante e e e
--- compo piece for black vipers pulse... came 4th behind toot, flour massm
pulse.ice.org oh, this is
+o bviper supposed to be
telnetable, uh? drawing on irc is hell...
--- orgy - trade with mice
o r g y
mices 31337
emag thingie
--- color shock for exulted
oh yah... i wont close without the notorious list of cool people :
hi to...
acryl, assign, avenger, bisounours, bishop, breed, black viper, cheeze,
coldnugly, cirion, cosmic, daiji, defiant, deeply disturbed, dieznyik, eerie, empty, exulted, fathom, flame, flour, god among lice, gunman, halaster, kadaver,kb, krash, kyp, leonardo, lizard, mass murderer, mice, mind bender, mr4tune,
necrofiliac, noize, numb, outraider, panacea, poti, private parts, prisoner1,
rom, scamp, shaitan, silverthorn, sky, snake grunger, the extremist, the knight,the unconsciousness, thorn, thrasher, trip, twoxfh, vade, voice, zircus
uhm, i guess youve been a good boy hi jesse : and already checked out
mean scheme valentine 1997, right? okay...