Smallscale/Logocolly 8! by Halaster
Smallscale/Logocolly 8! by Halaster
hey there everyone .. its time once again for the monthly
halaster logo/smallscale colly! this time theres no
smallscale, but thats only cuz i decided to draw big! cheg
out that bin again, fucker! : nectar is cool. these
two logos were drawn for it, the first in 43 minuts and the
second in about 47 .. dont rip em, as if you could! -- hal
---------hal-hoth.ans, originally. for bigge pif of house of the holy.--------
hal fire
house of the holy
--------------hal-ald.ans, originally. for mindcrime of alderaan--------------
a d
a l d e r a a n
greets to iodine, who inspired the first font, and nootropic for making
nectar a reality. now fix it! its broke and stuff! :