Chicken by Nosegos
Chicken by Nosegos
nosey of fire... woo. More black on black. lotsa black here. Oh well. the pic was drawn in january 97. around the fifth, to be precise. Have been experementing with my shading this month. Hope you like it. : i took some sort of break a while ago, thank you hal, for gettingme started again. its all
dumiis fault.
so - greets: numb, owyn, hal, nosrgos bisounour, illogic, abnormal. av eld
im ng
in his nose! ng ng ng
n n g g ng
ng oped by abnormal.-----------------------------------klippaway------------------------------------you might think that thing looks like a mouse - but doesnt! its actually a
chicken! Didnt think so, eh?
oh well. Did a font. First time in um.. cant remember. long time, though.
original by Berke Breathed, copy by nosegos of the golden bees. yay.
jag har just ftt reda p en ganska rolig sak -