stuff by nail
stuff by nail
nail fire
--- hmm.. forgot who requested this... anyway.. you know who you are...
nail fire z e r 0
--- bloodline for vade... with special credits to panacea and the liceboy g
--- doink for cheeze
--- ease for dislogic
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- all you guys who keep bothering me with requests better read this carefully...
ive got work, ive got a life well.. kind of and so my time for ansi is
limited. i set up my own board - the crypt - recently and naturally this means
im interested in ansi-trades, id even do freebies for some pals or special
people, but i wont do ansi for you /msg ansi make me ansi-guys...
so leave me alone or think of something that could make my effort worth while
no cash - be creative...
some of you are waiting for this... hi pals...
assign, avenger, bisounours, bishop, breed, black viper, cheeze, circus freak,
cirion, cosmic, daiji, defiant, deeply disturbed, dieznyik, eerie, empty,
fathom, flour, god among lice, gunman, halaster, kadaver, kb, krash, kyp,
leonardo, lizard, mass murderer, mice, necrofiliac, numb, panacea, poti,
private parts, prisoner1, rom, scamp, shaitan, silverthorn, sky, snake grunger,the extremist, the knight, the unconsciousness, thorn, thrasher, trip, twoxfh,
vade, voice... err... and the rest...
now go and check out Mean Schemes Valentine 1997 pack...