Utopia by Bisounours
Utopia by Bisounours
a fruteful and pleasant worke of the beste state of a publyque weale, and the newe yle, called utopia by thomas more. published in 1551.
u t o p i a
ma vie moi column. huh, did i ever say that me too i like pink floyd?
im 21! since february 1st. time for retirement? mmmn... nah. la flamme de
la resistance francaise ne doit pas seteindre et ne seteindra pas. ouah,
vous avez vu le jeu de mot avec flamme/fire?
i ripped hals seven logo style to draw the enigma logo. i think it turned out
really nice. i had much trouble to prevent myself to draw a thousand more logos
in a similar way!
if you want an ansi by me, theres only one way: go buy a nice, brand new,
xl size tshirt of something cool. no cheap tshirts please. 15 minimum. then
send it with the receipt to:
stephane gigandet
residence max schmitt a106
32 route de la joneliere
44300 nantes
this little country in europe called france
as soon as i receive the tshirt, ill start your ansi. typically a 100/120 lines ansi, and one, two or three logos depending on how much i like the tshirt. i think its fair. 15 + shipping fees is really nothing compared to
the time one need to draw a cool ansi. feel free to email me if you have another proposition.
join my diz group!
salut hal, numb, nail, god, silverthorn, panacea and the other fire artists,
all in telepathy, teklordz, twilight, eclipse, ice, awe, sonic, black maiden,
all the european artists, all the artists in the european ansi. all involved
in the secret project orange juice.
bisounours. gigandet@iplus.fr