Fire News for 02/96 by Halaster
Fire News for 02/96 by Halaster
- I babble -
February shall now, and forever, be known as
national Goop month. I had a lot of fun drawing it all over
most of my work this month, and I think the rest of you would
get a lot of good out of a yearly overdose of Goop.
- On to some news -
As MOST of you knew I say most because of the amazing number
of pissants out there who dont read my newsletters. : Fire
took last month off for the Holidays. Last years 02/95 pack
was one of Fires best, and this year also follows that trend.
Most people instantly retort to the above statment with:
Of course its good! You had two months to prepare! Of
course, as so often is the case, reality is a tad bit different
than most people percieve it. :
Putting together this months pack was a bitch. : First of all
when a group stops releasing, even for a month, some of the
more nervous members will up and leave. : Thankfully, this
only happened with one guy this month, The Silent Killer, who
has also returned from a stint with Odium at the last minute -
but not early enough to be in the memberlist! Thats what you
get, TSK! :
The second major problem we ran into was the downing of both
the Regency and Arpeggio for both the vacation period and, in
the case of Arpeggio, for a few weeks afterward. With the help
of our new members and our stalwart core of cunning, dildolic
ansi warriors and Miletis dont ask me, I say, however, we
were able to produce an amazingly cool pack.
Speaking of newbies, heres some introductions for some of the
latest batch.
Disclaimer of Liability: I left the newsletter till the last
minute this month so Im probally gonna ferget a lot of you.
If this happens, all blaim is to be placed immediately and
without remorse upon the head of King Midas of ACiD. Its all
his damn fault.
Stone Amnesia has joined this month as a new Rip doodler, along
with God Amoung Lice and The Lite. Some of you may remember
The Lite from the original Fire days. If you dont, then fooey
on you - because he rocked ass. Hell soon be up to speed and
producing the standard 15 Rips per month, so keep an eye out.
Sinister-X leaves the ACiD Den of Conformity this month to bring
his VGA, Rip and ansi talents to our corner. Welcome to the crue!
Prisoner1 brings in some new local talent in the form of Tang,
who brings his ansi talents to bare in this very pack.
Armageddon Donut, after much confusion, settled down with fire
and Plain Dualers! Will I never be FREE OF DUALERS!! .. ahem.
to produce his neat-ass smallscale dudes and flowers. I would
like to mention, as an aside, that Fire is the ONLY group in the
scene to have two members with the word Donut in their handles.
This, once again, proves our ultimate supremacy.
FireStone comes in this month to produce some killer VGA freehand
and rendered work, thus taking up some of the slack and vacuum
caused by the apparent spontaneous disappearance of one of our
other VGA studs - Winbee. Please, if any of you see little Winbee
on IRC, tell him to come home!
Fire also welcomes its first overseas member this month in the
form of that sexy package of masculinity - Nosegos. I mean,
come on! With a handle like that the guy HAS to be a complete
Fire also welcomes Fade as our new PyroNet shmuck, replacing
our former PyroNet shmuck, Tyme and his preceeding shmuch,
Shaolin. Fade is a nice man. He even made a nodelist for this
months pack, but that part comes later in the file.
Finally, but not lamestly, we welcome Aphelion to the Fire team
as a loader coder of unmatched well .. maybe not completely
un-matched, but hes good. skill.
- On to some more News -
Pyronet is up! Any member or otherwise affiliated BBS can carry
this Net-Of-Wonders. You know what else is really spiff? ANY
NON-affiliated BBS can ALSO carry it, so long as they are
accepted by our current PyroNet shmuck - Fade. Fade can be
reached on the Regency or through E-Mail at
MayTrickZ is lame! But I think most of us know this.
With the help of Friar Tuck and Lord Soth, Fire is proud to
announce the formation of its iCE division. Along the same lines
as the LEGEND division, this section of Fire will release in
seperate .ZIP files called ICE-YYMM.ZIP, where YY stands for
the last two digits of the year, and MM stands for the month.
When space demands it, the Fire iCE division will also release
2 disks, one containing all ansi files and one containing all
Hi-Resolution work.
Stay tuned for more Fire division announcements in the near
Eerie, in a fit of Frenchie ingenuity, has created the Fire
Boxer Shorts! You too can be a sex-machine with one of these
pairs of distilled-testosterone-enriched cotton wonders. How
do you think Nosegos does it?!
- Neurotic Should Read this -
I humbly request that Fire be reviewed in new Neurotic Picks
of the month files, as our packs have been, I believe, amoung
the top Five of the month for the past 2 or 3 months.
No more! No more babble for today, my friends. Stay tuned
for the next fire pack - due to be spawned upon the third of
next month!
fire president