Combination Shit by Halaster
Combination Shit by Halaster
Soo.. pale thinks hes so damn cool cuz he made up logo collies, eh?
well i decided to do him one better this month by making my very own
logo/smallscale/matrix combination ansi! w00! greetz to all the ole
school suckas: sir freak, laurana, harbinger, alucard, sm and talen.
---------------hal-uf.ans, originally. for pale of unseen fate.--------------
yes, its another goddamned cerebus by me. happy? no? fuck you, then. i like it
un s e e n f a t e
sysop: palefire/void
propaganda site rucus site
hal justice site skavid site
kfa site tcranium westhq
tdrip whq jus/void/drip member
greets to the fire crue, pale, talen, jello, ktuluREaListIC, p1, cw and eerie
-----------hal-maxx.ans originally, for necrophilicon of the 404 tv.---------
t v
t e r m i n a l v e l o c i t y
m e e p a n e w a c c o u n t
c h u n g y o u r e - m a i l
i s z f r o m d i s p l a c e
------------hal-wdm.ans, originally. for whodini of whodinismagik.---------
wd created on the oh-so-fucked night of jan 27th after janet and florida
h f
a i
l r
and the morning afterwards birthed dis ere magic - halasterfirelic/ug
. . . so its not my best, fuck off. i was in a pretty lame-0 mood . . .