#INFO# Fire March 2021 News by Fire Staff
#INFO# Fire March 2021 News by Fire Staff
Sometimes it feels like a dream.... 34 March, 2021
One of those dreams that feel really intense while youre asleep,
heavily engaged in the riveting story unfolding in your mind, but that
you cant recall any details of the moment your alarm clock violently
yanks you into the bleak reality of your miserable life. All youre
left with is the distinct feeling that youve just had the best dream
ever, and you wish you could remember so youd be able to go back and
pick up where you left off.
I started my journey into the world of textmode art a little over
25 years ago, and it lasted for about three years.
Today, when I read fragments of IRC logs of that time, hidden in some
of the file dividers of the Fire packs, or run into snippets buried in
old hard disk backups, I have little to no recollection of these
conversations. Yet at the same time I just know that I had the time of
my life. I got to talk to and collaborate and coordinate with artists
from all over the world. Neither distance nor time-zone difference
kept us apart, and it didnt matter that Id probably never be able to
put a real name or even a face to most of these brothers and,
occasionally, sisters in art.
Fire has been a big part of that experience for me. When Halaster
accepted me into the group, he allowed me to break out of my national
scene. Fire gave me exposure, made me grow as an artist, and when they
made me head of the ANSI division, allowed me to carry responsibility
for a group. It was the group I identified with, something I was proud
of, home.
So when God Among Lice and I decided to end Fire with its 33rd pack
back in 1998, it had not been an easy decision, but the right one at
the time. I stuck around a little while longer afterwards, but the
dream... was over.
17 years later I stumbled over a Facebook group about ANSI and ASCII
art. I recognized some of the names and realized that some of these
madmen were actually still drawing. Before long I found myself
stacking blocks again myself, once again talking to and collaborating
with artists from all over the world, some familiar, some new. For
most intents and purposes, Blocktronics allowed me to pick up where I
had left off. There was just one piece missing... until now.
Welcome to the latest Fire combustion!
Yes, its true, I can officially welcome you to Fire 34.
And yes, I guess were a little late. But with 8,211 days since the
last Fire pack, whos still counting?
What counts is the vast amount of artists who came together to make
this pack a reality, and every single one of them deserves my
heartfelt gratitude. We have several old Fire members returning for
this very occasion, my fellow Blocktronics members who were kind
enough to humor me when I revealed my plans to turn Blocktronics 34
into Fire 34 and of course our guests from Impure, Lazarus,
Mistigris and the few independents who didnt want to pass on the
chance to be part of a Fire pack.
All in all we have 36 participating artists from 8 different
countries, the largest amount of RIP pieces in any pack of the last
20 years, and the highest distinct aardvark count in any artpack
ever. We pay tribute to some classic boards of the past and, of
course, to Fire itself.
Where do we go from here? I dont know, but one things for sure:
Somewhere - deep inside - the fire still burns.
/nail, 2021-03-03