#INFO# Fire #33 Oldsletter by lGiOcDe, nail
#INFO# Fire #33 Oldsletter by lGiOcDe, nail
trip- if fire isnt out by the time
i get home from work, im firebombing
nail and lices houses.
aug 09, 1:31 am CET
ID. fire 33 - the final combustion
Yes, this is the last fire pack. Youre probably all looking for an
explanation of some sort, and youd probably be disappointed if we
didnt offer one, so in a reciprocal act of respect towards all of
the fans of this group, I hope we can explain our reasoning to you.
One thing you should know already is that this pack is several
months later than had been planned. This was due mostly to a growing
lack of member activity over the summer, and in turn a lack of art
from members. Of course, this all began before the summer started
and was an original reason to make us consider this as the last pack.
Probably just as important is the fact that Nail and I have been just
plain tired from running this group... Yes, we probably could have
kept the ship afloat had we been tremendously active in trying to
find new members and recruiting from elsewhere and such, but we were
just plum tired, and had other activities that wouldnt allow us to
invest all of our time to running the group the way it needed to be.
Inactivity, dual grouping and group hopping of the members did the
rest, and with almost no dedication to the group within, fire was to
stand or fall with us, since there was no one qualified to take the
reigns and put the needed effort into running the group.
And how did it need to be? Through most of the groups history, fire
has always been concerned with releasing quality artwork. Im sure
there have been plenty of groups that were more fun, but few that so
consistently lived up to such an artistic standard as we have tried
to create.
In a more intangible sense, fire seems somewhat out of place in the
current art scene. There are other art groups that have changed
themselves around, dropped divisions, or reinvented themselves in
order to keep going or evolve with the changing times. Wed prefer
fire to be remembered for the group that its always been. If we
wanted to find a bunch of new members and change the group around, we
would have thought up a new name and called it a new group. The fire
that has existed up until this point is the fire that we would like to be remembered. I for one will never forget it.
Wed like to express our deepest thanks to all of those people who
responded so warmly to our requests to guest release in this pack.
It was the only way we could have released this pack and still live up to the standard that we had set for all of our previous releases.
Its great to know that there are plenty of people out there who
recognize this group as being something special, and who wanted to
both share in this celebration of the groups life, as well as help
let others see how special this group has been. Again, thank you.
Heres to the future of the entire rest of the art scene.
God among Lice