#INFO# Fire March 98 news by Fire staff
#INFO# Fire March 98 news by Fire staff
. v9- f1RE.gRAPHICS
Welcome to the latest Fire combustion! 32 - March, 1998
In like a lion...
I went to the mall today. I realized that pretty much every time
I go to the mall, I feel really weird after seeing all the hip
teenagers walking around. I decided that theres this deep
conflict within me wondering whether I wish I had been one of the
hipsters, or if Im glad I never was.
Its possible that I could tie this in with ansi and the ansi
scene in general somehow... As much as Id like to be more
involved myself with the general goings-on of the scene as many
people know it, I find it really hard to get to know a lot of the
people involved. The whole ansi culture just isnt my style.
So... what am I getting at? I have no idea.
I think that now, though, Ive come to accept ansi for what it
is. No need to belittle it or anything... its just there. And
to others who dont find ansi to be your style, find your own
way to communicate with other people in the scene. Okay, thats
what Im getting at. :
But on to other matters...
-- God among Lice
Panacea rebuts: PYRODRAW UPDATE
Im down with OPP. Yeah, you know me!
Nows the time of year when we find what a liar Punxsutawney Phil
is. Now, some of you may think that all Phils arent liars, but
Im here to beg you to differ. God among Lice is a liar like
every other Phil. Just look at him His verbal untruths are
notorious throughout the scene. Look how he acts all cool on
ansi, then kicks them while theyre down, pushes em all around
and makes everyone believe theyre the root of all evil. You
must be thinking, But Pan, there must be a better way! There is.
PYRODRAW version 1.0 is being released April 28, 1998. Along
with the standard drawing features in The Draw, Aciddraw and
Artworx, Pyrodraw will host a cornucopia of new features, such as:
- Artist-Configurable Palette
- Color Replacement i.e. changing all selected red to blue
- Printing Capabilities black and white conversion option, too!
- Bezier Curve outline-creation tool
- Photoshop-Style Selections
- Flood-Fill Function
- Quick-Mask Selection editing
- Zoom Function
- TCP/IP Cooperative Drawing Mode perfect for blender competitions
- Photoshop-Style Layers
- TCP/IP ansi-scene chat system IRC style
Pyrodraw will not only change how people draw ansi -- but how the
ansi scene works. The scene will be Pyrodraw and Pyrodraw will
be the scene. Some may say that Pyrodraws hybridized chatting
system will be the end of ansis gangsta, in-your-face
existance.. but theyre wrong. Pyrodraw has been designed so
that its channels can still be taken over, but a new +T case-
sensitive channel flag prevents takeovers. This way, the ansi
equivalent can still be taken over, but more conservative channels like fire and cia can prevent such occurances.
Ten trusted scene members are currently evaluating the latest
beta version of Pyrodraw, which has all the features completed
except for the Quick-Mask selection editor, which is nearing
completion. There is no doubt that a nearly bug-free version of
Pyrodraw will be released April 28, 1998, or possibly sooner.
More information is available on the Pyrodraw web page.
-- Panacea
Nail Hammers...
Maybe you heard the rumours spreading to the scene some while ago
and yes, theres some truth to it. A couple of weeks ago the Nerp
seniors and yours truly started to talk about a possible merge,
but then, while we still were discussing the terms of that merge,
Nerp kind of fell apart, a couple of guys left the scene, another
few joined other groups and so we decided to just invite most of
most of the rest...
yes, thats it... we did not merge, yet youll find a lot of
familiar faces within our ranks this month...
First of all, short time after we released in february, the well-
known oldschool krad picture artist and Twilight founder Deeply
Disturbed decided to join up with us, I dont think he needs any
more introduction, the name speaks for itself. Fear!
Then, as mentioned, a couple of Nerp guys joined up with us,
namely Bizzarro, Dfuse, Mendator and Tarot. All of them developed
some quite nice styles in the past, each different from the next,
adding some more variety to the Fire ANSI ranks.
Im sure you all have seen and loved their work in the Nerp
packs, so if youre looking for more of their work, youll have
have to check some Fire packs in the future.
Last but not least Kyp decided to leave his friends at iCE and
join up with a more active ansi department. Although some guys at
iCE did take his departure from the family rather personal and
overreacted, I hope this wont destroy any friendships...
One more thing about scene politics...
I have no idea who or what possessed TNA while he was writing the
info file of Awe 15, but neither have we been dead for half a
year joke or not, theres a lot of people who got that one
wrong, Alex nor did Riddler leave our ranks. I dont want to
pick a fight with you, you know I respect you as the great artist
and the nice guy you are, but this was an ugly case of misinfor-
mation and spreading rumours.
Back at Fire... with the ammount of ANSI artists finally in-
creasing again I decided to promote Mendator to ANSI coordinator,
as he proved to be a highly motivated, talented and most of all
friendly artist.
Besides, it just felt right to promote one of the Nerp guys as we
have seven ex-Nerp guys within our ranks now. Congrats Mend, hope
you wont make me regret this choice
-- Nail
Heavens on fire...
Well, to start with, this has been a really busy month for me
personally, got a job etc.. so I couldnt spend as much time on
fire ascii as I wanted and should.. No sign of Pariah either and
if he doesnt get active again or get in touch with me via email
or irc well count him out of the line-up.
Anyway, ive not been THAT lazy and have recruited a couple of
great ascii guys:
Cleaner - Draws neat and original newschool ascii with a little goofy lookin style, he seems to be developing into a great artist..
Dataflow - Heres a fairly new guy to oldschool ascii though
hes been around for quite some time and by the
looks of his art its just getting better and
Keetar - Another newschooler got into the ranks of fire ascii
and keetar surely is a great artist, his art kicks
Mjolnir - Mjolnir is kind of my evil twin in the swedish
ascii scene, and we started out about the sametime.
seeing him develop into the artist he is today is
surely enough to get him his very own spot in the
Don Croce - DC have been away from the scene for quite some time
and has now made a comeback.. mostly of you guys
would know him from the ole tRANK! crew and his ole
oldschool style!
Guesting fire this month is Lord Reaper from ITP and Helix from
SAC. Not too many contributions for this pack and is easily
explained with the excuse that I got a hold of the members a
little too near to the set deadline, but instead be sure to watch
out for the killer one next month!
-- Baphomet
Were the lambs...
Twas quite a slow month for hirez news. Nothing much to report
at all. Gig has actually been spotted, and we hope to drag him
back into the muddy waters that are the scene. Fathom has been
busy philosophising and killing mother culture. What art we do
have this month is great, though, thanks to Remissions and
Solarpunks displays of greatness, and Panaceas last minute
submission. Look for more quantity of the same quality in
the months ahead.
-- God among Lice
... Out like a lion.
Yes, Spring is coming, and with Spring, of course, come Golden
Bees. Ansi lives and indeed thrives today.
So long as there is ansi, there shall be Fire. So long as there
is Fire, there shall be ansi.
-- BPS