#info# fire #30 news by Fire Staff
#info# fire #30 news by Fire Staff
. v9- f1RE.gRAPHICS
..:: double coupon values in aisle 30 ::..
Here it is, Fires 30th pack. You might have heard ahead of time that
this was to be a special pack, celebrating this great milestone of 30
releases. Being the marketing genius that I am, however, I quickly realized that in todays art scene the only way to get noticed is to
NOT be special. Thats right. With all of the stickers, caps,
contests, and anniversary celebrations that have been flying around
lately, what better way to make ourselves known than to be the odd
man out, the ones without the gimmicks?
Hey, are you the guys that are releasing the nude pic of that girl?
uh, no.
Oh, well lemme abort the dcc get, then.
Well ok, so maybe Im wrong about this. The point is, maybe people
should be more concerned with the art itself, and not so much the hype,
or the rumors, or other peoples opinions.
It looks like its judgement time for the ansi medium as a whole. What
do ansi artists value more? Drawing ansi and keeping ansi alive? or
talking about butt sex0rz and keeping ansi alive? To be an artist one
needs to have at least some kind of love for the art, and a desire to
promote that artform. Otherwise, this is all just a means of
socializing. People probably need to be inspired by others in order to
want to draw themselves. So go out there and inspire some people.
- god among lice
..:: a small fire in a dark time ::..
a lot of people left us in the past few weeks, people that have become
friends, and it seems as if this is just the beginning of a wave that
will sooner or later result in the end of what we call ansi scene...
shaft left us after the last pack as he has to take care of his school
grades so he can study the law after school, of course we wish him all
the best... also best wishes of success to noize, who releases his very
last bunch of ansi in this pack and will concentrate on vga and the demo scene from now on. the third guy leaving us is mr4tune who has struggled with ansi scene for quite a while and never really found new motivation to deal with a fucked up scene like this any more...
we lost three great artists to the real life and/or more motivating
parts of the scene and a look around proves that its not only fire ansi to fight the more and more degrading interest in this medium, other
great artists like burps and the knight of fuel quit ansi just recen-
tly, lets hope theres always some new guys.. not to replace the old
legends, but to continue their work and make this scene fun again...
a few more guys have been deleted from our ranks for inactivity, this
is not the time to idle in ansi, and fire is definetly not the group
to do so. bisounours, sniper and zircus have been great artists and
wed be glad to welcome them back should they decide to get active
again and help the medium to stay part of the pc scene...
mavrik has been taken from the list just temporarily as hes still in
contact with us.
however, in this dark times, illuminated by a small fire only, burning
in a dark and chill corner of this scene, were glad to welcome
seraphim of dark fame, who decided to team up with us and keep the fire
ansi brand alive.
last but not least a big thank you to the ex-fire members who actually
cared enough to guest with us this month, avenger, bedlam and sodium.
i dont know when well meet again, but i hope we can present you
another bunch of quality ansi as were used to...
however... theres no way to sacrifice quality for quantity, theres
no way to sacrifice fun to a mere obligation to draw...
- nail
..:: Alasciis too cold this time of year, I hear. ::..
Personally Ive always looked up to Fire. The 30th pack, for me, is a
time to think about when I was fairly new to the scene and dccing Blatz
nonstop because I wanted to be able to stick Fire next to my alias on the
bulletin boards that were up at the time. Now that Im able to say that Im
affiliated with Fire I can honestly say that of all the groups Ive been in
Fire is the one Im most proud of being part of. Be it our legendary ansi
artists, our top-notch ascii artists, or our highly talented hi-res artists Firehas reigned as one of the top three computer art groups for two years and
counting. Heres to 30 more..
In the past two months nothing much has changed in Fires ascii dept.
Baphomet has become my oldschool advisor, hell help me make decisions that
have to do with oldschool ascii a medium Im not that experienced with.
Sammael re-joined, and we look forward to seeing some of his unique asciis
in the next pack. Blind Sniper joined from the ascii group Odelay and released
a great pic with us this month. Metal Militia left for Kwest, we wish him the
best of luck. Risu has decided to leave the scene, so we hope that he has fun
in his non-scene related endeavors. Lastly Id like to thank all our guests
this month, especially Mass Murderer.
-- Pariah
..:: Telegrafix will never die!!! ::..
Not a whole lot to say on the hirez front. Joining us this month as a
ripscrip artist is Silver Rat. He and Kyo both have some rip art in
this pack, so its nice to know the medium is finally seeing the light
of day in a fire pack again. We look forward to seeing more of it in
the future.
Guesting with us this month is Cytral Skunk, another former fire member. Originally an ascii artist, Cytral has joined the bandwagon and taken up vga of late.
..:: your thoughts will live on ::..
Im sure youre all aware of the fact of Night Daemons death by now.
NightD was a really good irc friend of mine, as Im sure he was of many
others, and he will truly be missed. Shortly after learning of all this, I realized that nd is probably the closest person in my life that I have known to have died. It really is a strange thing to meet,
associate with, and then lose a friend like this, and all without even
knowing the other person in a physical sense.
For those of you who still make a sharp distinction between real life
and the interaction you have with people online, Im curious to know
whether you find something like this to be inconsequential. What could
be more real life than the death of a friend? Friendship has nothing
to do with physicality. Friendship really only requires communication.
The people you talk to on irc are real they are not fantasy.
Im not sure if a day has gone by in the past few weeks in which nd
didnt enter my thoughts at some point.
Levi, youll always be remembered.
- P.S.