The lightening flash
ed and the rain pounded
down like bullets. The
wind was
howling like a werewolf. Ch
ris was on his way home
from the halloween schoo
dance. He wanted to get home
as soon as he could, so
he took a shortcut thro
ugh an old factory.
While he was walking thr
ough he heard strange so
Slithering, banging, moaning
. It was scaring the sh
it out of him. He ignor
the sounds though, and kept g
oing. About halfway thr
ough a load scream stopp
Chris in his tracks. He st
ood there peering into t
he darkness but could se
nothing. Again the screa
m sounded off, sending c
hills through his soul.
Suddenly out of the corner of
his eye he noticed some
movement. When he turn
to look, there was nothing th
ere. When Chris turned
back to start moving aga
he smacked right into a huge.
...thing! This thing wa
s so horrible looking th
Chris couldnt scream nor r
un. He was completely P
ARALIZED. Chris Fainted
on the spot since that wa
s the only thing he coul
d do. While he was
unconsious, a vision passe
d through his mind, it w
as a vision of DEATH. A
voice then echoed out screami
ng to Chris, ...and whe
n death arrives... That
all that Chris could hear,
and when death arrives
. He couldnt hear what
came before or after that s
aying, and as the thing
ate him alive, alls tha
echoed through his head
was and when death arri
Well Cynical Servant,
here ya are. I wrote ya
a story. Kinda corny b
ut I was
bored so there ya go. Have f
un....hehehehe :
- Criminally Insane