Alien Encounters by Future Imperfect
Alien Encounters by Future Imperfect
If you see this ansi, and if yo
u like, you can have anansi by me, o
r by anyoneelse in the FEAR artgroup
. FEARYou can contact me Geoff May
3 ways...
Voice: 5i9578-3376
BBS: 5i9578-4725Artists Inc.
Want to learn about the latest UFO close encounters or
unsolved mysteries involving Extra-Terrestrials?
How about Near Death Experiences or
just any outer space phenomena?
If so, you should call
A L i E N E N C O U N T E R S
5 i 9 6 2 2 - 8 7 7 4
Sysop: Alien
Co-Sysop: Union
Latest Usurper Game Online
Everything in the BBS is alien oriented
Including files AND messages!
Future Imperfect
One of myOTHER first 100 original ansis. True artists dont need to copy.
The font, yes, couldve been better, but this ad was a quicky...
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Anyone If yer on the internet, mail me at
Wanna hear from some of you!