ETERNiTY Presents ... An SoI Production
SOI-MN1 .ANS -- Spirit of Illusion / MAiN MENu 1
SOI-FIL1.ANS -- Spirit of Illusion / FiLE MENu 1
SOI-MSG1.ANS -- Spirit of Illusion / MeSSaGE MENu 1
Feel free to use these Menus on your own board. Dont blame me for
not putting in the commands, I was too lazy to put in all the commands,
besides if I made it for one type of board specifically, everyone running
a different kind of board would have to change them anyways Plus the fact
that I didnt even know which commands to stick in . Ciao!
-Spirit of Illusion TRNiTY/DEVo
GreeTZ Go To
The Maestro - Hurry Up and get a Distro Site or someone to carry Lethal
NET over here!!!
TRNiTY Members - Great work, And we need more.. P
TRNiTY Couriers - ARG!!!!! Do we even have any of these? If not, well
take applications! hint hint
Flamethrower - HEY! Get Side Swiper to do some work for a change.
Or is it just his art? g
DEVO Members - Oh well, if you need something, ASK ME.