Assembly '99 by Anvilhed
Assembly '99 by Anvilhed
anv11E pic 1oO original anvilhed / epic
damn its great to be here at assembly ninetynine. this is my first demoparty ever, and I love it. I have met a lot of cool
people I know from IRC. for example: unseenfate, prosthesis, luminator,
reanimator, viznut, nich, paladine ... and many more.
Im not sure which one is better, Christmas or Assembly. heheh ..
although abyss/fc cant pronounce english !! -
unseen: i think xmas cause youll have better food :
anvilhed: well yeah. and you get presents, and you dont have to suffer
from headache or bellyache some say asm99 demo/intro productions
sucked .. I think they were all great.
anvil is really scared so he cant draw real
image from me so iam just figure and i dont
got that kind back harhar! -fuck you craoff
--------- non-realistic
greets: agemixer, roostah and brite-lite
ja topsy joka lainas korkinavaimen ja sitten
se ukko jonka kanssa mentiin juomaan boozemblyille
ainin ja swappupulaumapwp jeeeeeeee!!!
anvilhed:no Im not scared. and that pic is
super-realistic! believe me.
unseenf8:anvilhed is looking really he is hardcore nerd :
prosthesis anvilhed:
and uf8 cant speak english
anvilhed: ADDICT
sorry prst, reanimator
doesnt fit on
your shirt /
karhu koff 3
real booze -uns
anvilhed:I hope that represents
a plastic bag, or the
beer factory has made
a mistake.
unseenf8: but this is anvilhed
anvil reproduced as i u3 headache
see it on my eyes so haha
yea okay
anvilhed:damn, unseen!
you should get new fuckin
glasses or something!!
I do not look like a unseenf8:
swimmer who hasnt get a life boozembly rulz!
got eyes or they just if you havent experienced
appear on my forehead anything like it invite all
your friend in to lonely
anvilhed:oh well, Im pretty rocks at and start to booze! sure unseen was drunk
when he drew that pic. anvilhed:alcohol sucks. *sigh*
I sure hope so .. :P
oh yeah, and those who spent time around E9 table, will propably know
how Im feeling here. some goons have eaten some fucking kebabs
for the whole time in here. it smells so bad it makes me want to puke ..
ok byebye now