emerge april info by emerge
emerge april info by emerge
- emerge -
People said it couldnt be done, but look over here to Emerge, when others
doubted, we delivered, and with a little punch to knock you. This packet
of course is basically what used to be called Broken, but now changed its
name to Emerge, and after a few other things that happened, we had to
re-organize, and we did just that. The packet may not be the best, but we
are still working on things. With the people doing what they do best, it
will only take about two more packets to get back on track, and bring it
back to what was once called Broken Quality. Check out Undergrown 8
if you are curious to see what happened to broken and why emerge is here
today. We have many new artists on the scene in thispack. Broken started
off this way with very new unexperiences artists. One was Chromatik who
is now in his own group Blah and Diehard now in Cia. Hopefully some of
our new artists can accomplish what they did. Here to deliver, just wait
and see what we have to offer. We shall over-come the critism and show
you and prove those critics wrong that a great group is forming.
All boards that were broken distros are not emerge distros. We will only
list HQS in this packs site list. Member boards will be listed in are
packs starting next month. We will choose a limited amount of distro
sites. Do not ask us for distros please. If your board is of high
quality we will come and ask you to become one.
On a sad note, we would like to say goodbye to Voiz. He is dropping
out of the scene and leaving us and cia. We want to thank him for his
hard work. Hopefully he will someday come back to the scene. He will
always have place in emerge if he chooses to come back. His last works
are in this pack. Unfortunately no pics:. They were deleted when he
had a hard drive failure.
-The Master emerge senior staff
tmemerge on irc
welcome to the emerge april pack. this is our first pak. unlike most other
ansi groups, this will not be our last. most of you probably already know
what emerge is, or have heard of us before. if you havent, get used to us
- were here to stay.. anyway, let me advance to a few points about emerge
and try and clear up any misconceptions you may have about us ..
we are currently not accepting applications for distro sites or head
quarters. we will probably be taking distros, but dont bother coming to
us, we will come to you.
if you would like to contact the emerge seniors about applying to emerge,
any questions or comments you have about emerge, or anything at all, call
our vmb at 1-800-314-8885 and select mailbox number 889. please live your
handle, your real name, and a phone number of bbs where we can reach you.
both the master and i would like to thank the wizard spastic and
mistawho for their unending support. we wish them the best of luck.
if you would like your board to be considered for an emerge distro, a
good start would be to pick up kimpnet, emerges support network. both
the kimpnet pack and the flamenet pack have been included in this pack.
id like to especially thank the following group heads for their help.
data ruckus, who is THE man, and who has helped emerge over the past
couple weeks get everything and anything they needed. if you wanna talk
emerge telecom, hes the man to talk to. biohazard, who is the ascii
head. if youre interested in applying to emerge ascii, talk to him. he
has his own vmb, but at the moment, i cant remember the number. and
thanks to terminal velocity, the lit head. if you want to apply to emerge
lit, talk to him. if youre interested in applying to anything else, talk
to any of the emerge seniors.
another good way to get in touch with the emerge seniors or to get info
on applying to emerge would be to call either lord of the underworld at
1-908-303-0801 or erebus at 201-762-1373.
thats just about it. if theres anything i left out, it will be in the
next packs nfo.
euphoria emerge senior
epemerge or epacidic on irc