Lit by mel farr by sophisto, mel farr
Lit by mel farr by sophisto, mel farr
untitled 1 3:55pm
hate kill spill pen pad in key when i think quick my notes get tired down
sh down down i let the words flow
go go go liek joseph with his amazing
technicolor check the flower and the
pwoer bringin quick seasons changing
rearanging angst with words unheard before noir leather i express displeasure at whatever unedited and unrevised give a hand to these guys they sucked
take a buck or 10 or 15 on the back of
the bus and everything but the kitchen
sinking down deep into the ocean swimming
swimming swimming deeper and deeper
so i fed the shark and sparked up mad ces, whats your not
depressed by depression express words
with my agressioin as the tension
lessons the rhymes how many times can
you count to ten forwards and backwards
before your hat falls prey to some false
computer hackers you slackers i got
your back like the green bay packers
words evolve like i solve problems y0!
when playing computer games it
gets insane like island of
dr. brain youre jacking off
cause of the pain, gay like blaine...
- ok check this. i was feeling reel angstie one day, so instead of taking a nap which whould have made me feel better but then fucked up my whoel body a lot worse, i just started typing words as they came into my head and
slowly it like evolved into something. i think this is kind of good in a way..i
dunno..gimme feedback on it sh
hey if anyone out ther actualy likes
anything i do please tell me
i love hearing positive feedback, even if you hate it..tell me...
atleast then i know...
um yea..peace
Designed by sophisto