art collection by zaint
art collection by zaint
this is my part for this breathtaking
,7 collection of art. first of all id
.ddP like to thank bitchy and bk for their
s ggggggggggg .,ddP support and their ideas, that made
.,sP,d it possible to release my art in this
.,sdP,dP pack. some ansis werent done 100
.,sPP by me, because in most cases we were
,s P ..... 3 persons around one machine and
.dS :Zed: everyone contributed with several
.P .gss ideas to each ansi. love and harmony
i! i : to the best friends around: bitchbk
:: i
i! I
: ?b .
ggggggggsgssggggggdggggg g s + .
:!i dd
? S ?PP
.P :!i
..sdwodka! S
ddP !NS:
dd :!i
?i !TS:
?S :!i
........for the german label advanced rythm technologies.
bks isle of absolom
: .dPP
dL:iiIISSSP::iISP : :iIS
:iIS ?SIi: .., gggg ,..
SPjPP ?P?:iISP ?
P j jP :P,g.?P : Z :
L ?S jSIi::iISLjL ?L jss:iS
SSIi:! jL jbsdSIi:sdSIi: gg P
?jbsdZAINT: ? .
,P, ,P jP
. . the isle of absolom ....... .