ega studios disclaimer by mr. president
ega studios disclaimer by mr. president
..the ega studios
were coming ?!
artwork by larrylogo and bkcharacter
welcome to egas first artpack ever. the ega studios are
a small artgroup with its roots in germany. the group was
founded by bitch, bk and zaint. bitch and zaint had a group
called joint studios. after bk left phat, he decided to work
together with them, because we all go to same school and
the ega studios were born. avenger and kage joined the crew
and finally larry left phat and joined the crew, too.
so far with the history of ega studios. the important difference
between the ega studios and most other artgroups is, that we
have NO leader or organiser. this means every member is equal
to the others and its opinion counts as much as the other ones.
so if you want to join the ega studios grab any of its members
on IRC or somewhere else and talk with him.
we neither want to get rich or famous with our work, we just do
this for fun and there are no opponents or enemys we need to
the EGA studios also have no worldHQ or something equal. every
board opped by a member is a official HQ and everyone may apply
or request there. for non-members there are no boards, just for
some good friends. apply if you like, but dont expect too much.
contact the ega members at these boards.
absolom................op+bk hazard/2..........op+avenger
spirit world........op+larry
well, now enjoy this as we think individual contribution to the scene.