Silicon Sphinx by Leper Messiah
Silicon Sphinx by Leper Messiah
!lm! Silicon Sphi
nx 217.429.0939
eden put yer stats here eden
Leper Messiahs Great Propz
soul assassin. eden. the weird one. woodstock. dvs. morbid a
tth. saint sinner. just me. scape. sally crumb. jay. mm. nos
!lm!eden c 1995 wurd-up gee
to know me is to love me...but in order to love me
you must first understand me.....
why are there instructions in brail on dri
ve through
ATM Mac Machines?
eden....its more then a hobby........
its a way of life!!
spark what? :
uh sorry i didnt know all the stats for yer bored
so like i left that blank for ya. this um
like i dunno, its mirror image-ish so i
guess enjoy it or something like that hehehe