The Eclipse Profile by Chalk
The Eclipse Profile by Chalk
Here is cheeze and chalk at
the lastest ECLIPSE CON..
-- Cheeze is the silly Mexican
on the right, and chalk is the freak on the left that you see...
uhm, this is chalk, and uhm.. this is the eclipse member profile thingamajig i
did for eclipse-12! **eclipse-12, phear it! for we own yer grandma** anyway,
i figured since weve undergone some changes, might as well redo this. certain
members have undergone plastic surgery, or i just made up what they looked like.everything in this info file was drawn by me. with certain portions written by
age : 16
trademark : good looks
fav. movie : hackers
fav. music : jewish hymns
height : 59
info : during the turbulent times at the eclipse apartment
rai left toons basically moved in all the sudden
and took over. he is known for his constant raiding
of the fridge tv hogging.
age : 17
trademark : person who needs haircut
fav. movie : Surf Ninjas
fav. music : Music from Hawii Five Oh
height : 61
info : After cheeze was captured by ACiDs radman.. he just hasnt been the same. Cheeze spends his time surfing ,paying off the telephone company g editors note: insidejoke, and BEING MEXICAN!@ Most people say
that he sounds like a frog.. so that would make him
a MExican Frog.. rIGHT!@?????
age : 14
trademark : beatup green trenchcoat, large sideburns.
fav. movie : alien, aliens.
fav. music : hardcore, metal.
height : 61
info : noone really knows where chalk popped in from. he
just showed up at the apartment one day, sitting at
the eclipse computer typing eYEM iN eLKlIPS!@ and
saying that he was the new roomate. some say toons
ordered him from the chinese slave trade, yet others believe he is an angel from that movie michael,
which would explain his affection towards his coat.
age : 15
trademark : big fucking nose
fav. movie : the execution of private slovik
fav. music : jazz.
height : 58
info : lagomorph, one of the few original people left from
rais days in the apartment, is the new chef at the
apartment. various members have voiced concern over
his new position as chef, because of an accident 2
weeks ago involving a whole jar of texas pete hot
sauce and the eclipse munchies. he is currently
seeking employment
age : 15
trademark : diary queen uniform
fav. movie : the dunkin donut commerical
fav. music : emo/alt.
height : 56
info : Mr. Donut is the proud owner of The Pit a
fighting arena. When asked to comment on the
sanitation he says just dont go there ..
age : 6
trademark : a label maker
fav. movie : hackers
fav. music : modem noise
height : 44 closly
info : Torgo, the hax0rz of toasters, has beenassociated
with young male moron, with major social life
problem, dumb, stupid, idio... well you get the
idea .
age : 17
trademark : elite-o iguana
fav. movie : spaceballs
fav. music : oldskool metallica
height : 61
info : empty is eclipses industrial espionage expert
and master of undercover operations. he was found
in the apartment one day, posing as a tree. after
pulling a gun on the eclipse gang, they agreed
to let him join.
age : 18
trademark : Our supplier
fav. movie : Mall rats
fav. music : Hip Hop
height : 610
info : When we arnt jamming down on Splatts Mexican
Moramba where just Chillin with da real O.Gs
in da fly pad .. ps. eAST cOAST rEPRESENT@ E
age : varies
trademark : dry humor
fav. movie : hello kitty propaganda movie 4
fav. music : the late night theme.
height : 59
info : red circle has been hanging around the apartment for
eons. several members has raised questions as to
whether circles strange likeness to andy richter from late night with conan o brian is mere coincidence or
something more. several die conan die notes have
been found under his bed.
age : 17
trademark : somms graff style tatto
fav. movie : the usual suspects
fav. music : jungle/hiphop
height : 62
info : pariah is the worlds only colorblind deaf pimp to
also have residence in the eclipse apartment. he is
currently working on a new pimping style called
whoretype which will hopefully give new life to
an old scene.
age : 16
trademark : Bald
fav. movie : Spaceballs
fav. music : Mimes Annonmouse
height : N/A
info : when toons moved in, the first thing he did was sit
on the eclipse couch, and discovered haji laying
under it trying to make a growling noise. on further inspection by toons, it was also discovered that
haji has no mouth. torgo is currently the only
person who can somehow understand what haji is
age : 19
trademark : huge black glasses.
fav. movie : HAckers
fav. music : The best of Satan 97
height : 311
info : Deffinitly one of the coolest people here at the apartment. He allows torgo to test all his silly
gimping material out on him... . poor sucker.
age : 17
trademark : hair.
fav. movie : brain candy
fav. music : punk/ska/industrial
NIN!@ height : 423
info : the ruiner was found sitting on the sidewalk outside of the eclipse apartment with a ansi for food sign toons, being the evilish nice person he is decided
to invite him into the apartment. as soon as ruiner
walked in, the eclipse gang jumped him and they
now make him draw ansi 24/7.
age : diez y seis
trademark : is this guyfor real?
fav. movie : Spaceballs
fav. music : Moroccan Lumbada
height : hm.. i forget
info : Pzyko, one of the weirdos here at the eclipse insists on eating out of a dog dish, some say its
because hes not from america, but.. people in the
apartment know the real reason.. . unfortunatly
age : too old
trademark : floating.
fav. movie : Spaceballs
fav. music : Spaceballs the sound track
height : not very tall
info : tarot is eclipses floating pair of eyes.
not pictured : Pedantik