eclipse header by magECLipse
eclipse header by magECLipse
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------hi. This is an eclipse ansi.. you cant really tell cause alot of stuff is
inside stuff and backwards and or one of the above.. but, thats not important.
Its fun to look at.. even my dad liked it.. and hes a retard.. anyways..
I just thought Id take this time to tell you all about something that Id like
to do that wont envovle anyone but me.. Im going to write a note about being
elite... only, if you do everything I tell you, youll be arrested.. so here
rule 1: send a bomb to soul manager
rule 2: never send a bomb to anyone else
rule 3: hack vmbs
rule 4: never op divert when calling a conf.
rule 5: always, always always ALWAYS ALWAYS call collect... save up to 44
rule 5: keep track of editing your work.
rule 5: never let torgo wriite anyting four you infofle, he dosnt chek it.
rule 5: always have more than one rule for each rule.
rule 6: rip lots and lots of old acid logos.
rule 7: when ever time alows, have 4 5s.
rule 8: kick your mom in her breast next time you get a chance.
rule 9: wonder if you can smoke pot.
rule 10: dance.
last, and final rule 11: hate eclipse like everyone else thats not in ecl.
greets: wow, I havent greeted anyone in a long time
che cheeze, lagosmurfmorph, rai aka rais got your tongue, splatt goes the
weasle, a, or the donut.., anyone called Cambodia, everyone in eclipse. Anyone
with DEATH in their name.. uhm.. torgo.. my mom.. God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit,
Jews that live in the forrest... a jew? in the forrest? .. Blincoln...
.. that about does it.. if I missed you, its because I dont know you.. or
actually.. its because I wasnt thinking of you in the 10 seconds that I
made this list.. er.. hey r3p, tsk, and last and least, toons xillion.. :