the eclipse application by rai + splatt
the eclipse application by rai + splatt
the eclipse application form ..
so, you think that YOU have got the goods to be
part of eclipse? youve been sporting that
computer nerd look, been drawin ansi round the
clock, and you finally wanna apply to an ELiTE
group like eclipse? well my friend, just follow
this application form ..
this app gen. coded by rai
---- thats yew! an applying eclipse fool!
-- application for eclipse -----------------------------------------------------
what is your handle? what is your two letter abreviation?
how old are you?
if you answered the above question with a number below 12, please do not bother applying ..
what past affiliations do you have? what were your reasons for leaving that groups? do you like movies about gladiators?
what is your home phone number? --
do you run a bbs?
if so, do not expect special privelages for it, you are merely answering the
question ..
what is the board number? --
what affiliations does your board currently have? like we care
what kind of car does your dad drive? i.e. my dad drives a pinto
do people like you?
i know we dont
what do you draw?
only ansi and ascii artists will be considered
how many ansis per two weeks can you turn out?
PLEASE write at least one
how many fingers do you have?
do you listen to michael bolton?
an answer YES to the above question would make me very angry
where the hell do you live? can you make it to grand rapids, michigan, drop out of your school, and live
with us?
remember, this is a requirement to be in eclipse duh
are you a guy or a girl?
is this the coolest app that youve ever seen in your life or what?
have you ever seen the movie hackers ?
did you LIKE the movie hackers ?
oh, woops, i seemed to have forgotten enough room for the word yes
do you think you can draw ansi?
what are a few of your favorite works? explain in a few words, why you should be in eclipse .. do you have anyone who we could refer to, to ask about your past abilities,
or any other questions about your art? what sets you apart from other applicants? who is your favorite roman god? who are some of your favorite artists? if you put rai, splatt, grendel, sirdeath, smokey, cheeze, magnatop, and
crayon, that would help you get in
what is your favorite group? eclipse here would also help in getting you in
what is a quote that you particularly like? which were better, the t.v. ninja turtles, or the eastman laird original
ninja turtles? please doodle a picture of yourself, a self-portrait, so we can get a general
idea of how you look, in the box below ..
carefully save this ansi in the form XX-ECL.APP, where XX would be your two
letter abbreviation and send it to the eclipse world headquarters, fall from
grace, 1-616-791-7571 ..
images: X1 X2
data: JSON

  • title
  • the eclipse application
  • author
  • rai + splatt
  • group
  • eclipse
  • date
  • 1996-06-27
  • comments
  • datatype
  • character
  • filetype
  • ansi
  • filetype info
  • width: 80
    height: 118
    icecolors: no
    letter spacing: not specified
    legacy aspect: not specified
  • artist(s)
  • group(s)
  • content

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