June 1, 1994
DyNaSTy Compendium 1
Well hey DyNaSTys first ansi release. Okay all
you ansi freaks enjoy this pack. This isnt much but this is only
a preliminary pack to show the rising of a clan called DyNaSTy.
Yeah, we know what youre thinking this is just another shitty
art group, but youre FUCKING wrong there BIYACH!!! So, were small
but thats how everything starts. Were just trying to make it
in the art scene. But were also looking forward to do vga/svga
loaders and a literature division which is still looking for new
recruits. WE aint like thos people at ACiD or iCE. But we dont
compare ourselves to them. Were proud of our members and what they
do and we dont let criticism affect our work unless that person is
really horrible. We try to become stable and try to improve our members
weakness or speciality.
Theres roughly about 15 members or so but there are more that
are not mentioned in the DYNMEM.ANS because they were lately accepted
after this release. The next compendium whenever that is will be
much better, badder, bigger due to more team efforts!!!!
Remember - Quality not Quantity
Enjoy the ansis!
The Senior Staff
The follwing is a list of files included in this package.
Compendium 1 June 1st 1994 tm
DyNaSTy Productions
Name Bytes Description
de-chrm .ans 8272 Dragons Eye- Chthonic Realms
de-lgo .ans 733 Dragons Eye- DyNaSTy Logo
de-pm .ans 5295 Dragons Eye- Proprietary Madness
de-sd1 .ans 18868 Dragons Eye- Social Distortion
de-sx1 .ans 7056 Dragons Eye- Southern Cross
de-tms1 .ans 11404 Dragons Eye- The Malevolent Society
dr-udgr .ans 4960 Disaster - The Underground
dynmem .ans 4687 Dragons Eye- DyNaSTy Member List
nmix .ans 4120 Phantasm - Nightmare II 9
nmvii .ans 6695 Phantasm - Nightmare II 7
nmxii .ans 4346 Phantasm - Nightmare II 12
rg-hulk .ans 9984 Rogue - Hulk 2099
shaotmpl .ans 16038 Phantasm - Shaolin Temple
volume2 .zip 111878 ShadowMaster- Blue-ice.nfo Dune Module
fileid .diz 544 Dragons Eye- File Identification
dynasty .nfo 3544 Senior Staff- DyNaSTy Information
dynastyb .zip 98995 The Killer - DyNaSTy App Generator
dynaview .exe 34871 The Killer - DyNaSTy View v2.0
Total of files - 18
Total size - Does it matter.
Uncompressed - You figure it out!!