DVS-RCA NFO by Peeps
DVS-RCA NFO by Peeps
here ya go
d tion file / july 15th 1998
This is the first installment of something the scene hasnt had a
chance to see in along time. Two seperate groups working together,
rather than competing amongst one another. This pack was a compilation
of 90 days worth of hard work from both sides. There was no merge,
nothing of the sort, just team effort which worked excellent. There were
no fights, and members were in complete agreement amongst one another.
Special thanks goes out to all the members who worked far beyond what
was expected, super work. Thanks also goes out to Starlord who worked
with me every step of the way. Sorry for the pack being so large, but, oh
well. As for all of your that down hirez, lick my ass and choke on the
hairs. Every medium artist should be respected for his or her given work.
Greetz to: Iczer, Starlord, CG, Bay You dead?, ND, Klum, Unity, sb,
nukedream, dataruckus, Kit, ls and the rest of the dvs crew sorry
if I missed anyone. Later
Evil E
I would Like to Thank the DVS and RCA crew for making such a Nice
release this Month. To those who work hard on this pack, you guys
really work your hearts out, we can see in your art. RCA next release
is in Sept 1 1998. RCA members ask Starlord for Details. Well, we
hope you enjoyed the show :
Welp, another pack goes out and another month goes by... I just want to
say that everyone is kicking ass, and hopefully were taking some names.
This pack is our largest yet, and the quality still remains.. Keep up
the most excellent work everyone! - Nuclear Dreamer senior staff
just wanted to say something to aOh:
you want the car you will have to come up with some kind of payment man
cause insurance is gonna kill my broke workin class ass :
oh yah, ive seen a lot of artist rag on new artists about developing thier
own style.. not to rip someone elses. oh please, let it rest. a new
artist is trying to develop a concept for how ansi comes together to
create shape and shading. a style of thier own will develop eventually.
think about it.. if any of you draw with another medium, such as pencil..
you probably learned by copying someone elses work. as time passed and
your skills developed, you started to draw in a way that was comfy to
you, which created your style. i really dont see why ansi, or any
other medium should be looked upon differently. stop judging newbies
as if they were pros. try and remember what you were like when you got
-unity some unknown guy in DVS
well, i hope you like our kick ass joint release! i finally managed to a
release something. i hope its not too ugly, and ill try to do a lot
better next month. id just like to say congrats to starlord and evil e
for getting the pack out at the planned time and keeping this whole
opreation together and working well. i think this is a big step for rca
and im glad to be a part of it. well keep growing, and hopefully get
big boost in the scene with this release and those to come. watch for
idle dreams, coming in early september to the telnet board scene!
.lord scarlet rCa
youll be seeing more of this
guy on idle dreams and my
ansis, i think
Via a virtual whip Ive been forced to write something for this damned
info file. I should be pretty much out of the scene by now since Im in
NYC for the summer working for a major ad agency, but oh well, here I am.
The day, May, 29, 1998. The time, 7:00. Quisling quislingus or
chickenwing to a few close aquaintences rushes home from dinner at a
local restaurtant on the Upper East side of Manhattan. No rain just yet,
and none in the forecast as far as he knew, but he hadnt checked the
weather channel in nearly two weeks. Ever since he moved from the MidWest
the weather channel seemed to be further and further from his mind. Now
at the apartment he rushes into his room and then back out to the bathroom
to take a quick shower. On the way to the bathroom, a whopping 3 steps
from his bedroom he manages to scare the shit out of his apartments old
jewish owner. Yes shes had one too many facelifts and is ugly beyond
imagination, but she knows how to charge an enormous amount of rent for a
small bit of living space. Im certain that one of these days Ill scare
her just enough to give her a heart attack and then maybe I can get some
of my rent money back by holding her dead body for ransom. Shower
finished, out the door and of course its raining. So I go back upstairs
to borrow an umbrella from said owner. Of her 5 umbrellas shes only
willing to offer a broken one becuase its windy outside. I explain that
if I can afford 1000+ in rent each month I could probably swing an
umbrella if I break it. She conceeds to loan me a good one only if I
promise to replace it if its broken. What a bitch. Anyway, so I run 4
avenues and 3 blocks over to the subway station thats a bit more than a
mile A lot of good the shower did me, because Im now sweating like a
pig though they really dont sweat, in fact they dont have sweat glands,
thats why they roll around in the mud. I finally reach Times Square and
notice that there are 3 Sbarros within 5 blocks along Times Square. The
first two that I go to have nobody that Im looking for. Then I see the
famed MTV studios and notice the Sbarros across the street. After a long
night of wandering around and taking random photos of people we head over
to Brooklyn to a party thatd 8 to enter and then 4/beer. Unfortunately
Im the only one whos over 21 so the others just waste 8 on the entry
fee. Long story short is that still possible...
Long night, little accomplished... No digits, no bjs, no honeys, just a
lot of time on the subway...
Quisling 98