idle dreams by lord scarlet
idle dreams by lord scarlet
h t t p : / / i d l e . h o m e . m l . o r g
l s @ c o u n t r y c o n n e c t i o n . c o m
l o r d s c a r l e t
r c a
if you dont like this cuz you think its oldschool
too damn bad, cuz im from the old school and its the only
way i know how to doodle. -ls
welp, this is my first ansi in 2 years, i hope you think it turned out well. glad i could finally produce something for rca. thanks goes out to everyone whos helped me out in returning, and supported me even though i wasnt doodling anything. particularly rca and starlord. without seeing
any of my work he took me in and kept me for months wihtout one single release. well, im back now, and he seems happy.
greets also go out to all my boys in rca, my legion boys, iv
bd, and those in ice that i constantly annoy. thanks to
zeroV of devious for whipping together that rca font in about
20 mins to meet the rca/dvs deadline. ls idle dreams. a telnet board coming to you in september.
+o lord scarlet +o ralgoth +o silver rat
sorry for the crappy font, but i suck at logos, so i decided i wouldnt even
attempt a nice big one. oh, and the same for the background.. i dont do
bgs yet.. gimme some time. : i probably couldve done a lot more work on
this, but i wanted to have something out by pack time, and july 13th crept
up on me. : ++ got an rca font, so now its just my crappy id logo. :