Dark Demo Information by Epitaph
Dark Demo Information by Epitaph
Dark Demo -- Program Information
Code by: Epitaph
Graphics by: Epitaph
Music by: Magmalus an old MOD I found
General Information :
This demo NEEDS the sound to play, otherwise the cool effects wont run!
Its synchronized to the music. Without music, itll still look cool, but
remember -- youre missing out! Read the next section for info on getting
the sound to run.
Problems / Fixes / Answered Questions :
The main problem will be the .MOD not playing or not loading. There are
as always several reasons for this:
Not enough free conventional memory available
You must have at least 600k free base RAM it may work with
about 580k, but if you dont have too much free, thats your
Youre running Windows95 and its done something silly
I wont be the first one when I say that Windows95 does some
really stupid things while trying to emmulate DOS. If the MOD
doesnt play, quit your DOS window, open a new one and try
to run it again. If that doesnt work, reboot in DOS.
Incompatible Memory Managers
Often called IMMs, these wonderful programs sit in memory and
try to move pieces of RAM around while the program is running.
Now, I have no idea how the .MOD player works -- theres no
source -- but Im certain that EMM386 and possibly QEMM will
mess it up. If it doesnt run, that might be your problem.
Fate has it in for you
The bhuddists believe in fate, or a pre-determined path in life.
If the universe has it in for you, theres no way youre going
to be able to run this demo. Tough luck!
History :
Okay, well, the thing was coded badly -- I admit that. Its not really the
code, but the compiler and the MOD player that make it horrible. It was done
using Turbo C++ and a really crappy MOD library, all for real mode. I
wanted to rewrite it for Watcom C++, but theres so many things Id have to
redo that it wouldnt be worth it.
This thing was finished in June, and wasnt released until September because
of a bunch of weird stuff. It wouldve come out in the July pack, but that
wasnt released. I held out in August because I wanted to re-code it in
Watcom C++ to make it faster, but didnt. Now, here it is, finally.
- Epitaph
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