Information 0897 by Multiple Authors
Information 0897 by Multiple Authors
Memo from the Dark Illustrated HQ August 1997:
There lies a new order within the ranks of Dark, as always Dark prospers
where others have failed. Amongst our feet we see whats left of those groups
that came before us and those that didnt cut it. What is it that allows us
the growth that no other group can boast of? Our depth, our history. When
you speak our name artwork from the likes of Desalvo, The Green Hornet, Tesla, Carnifex, Xypher Matryx, Acidic Soap, Spaceman Spiff, Ravage Bias all torment
your dreams.
I speak of a new order, I must admit even I am impressed. As the smoke
clears and the ashes rest a select few can be seen. One by one they make
their presence felt. Rhyz, Seraphim, Winter, Discofunk, Freefall, and Narcosis
are this team of cut throat artists who are bent on showing the world the power
that truly is Dark Illustrated. I am the observer, these are the talented
individuals not only originate in a group of originals but impact it ten-fold.
Now, prepare for Dark to release their atomic bomb on the ansi scene and
observe as I have the destiny that is Dark Illustrated.
- The Observer aka The 4Th Disciple
This month saw the departure of one of the scenes greatest individuals,
The Green Hornet decided it was time to leave and sought refuge in the ranks of
iCE. Good luck to you Locke, and a hardy congratulations to those wacky iCE
As another month passed, so did another meet. Mega Bus Tour which was
touted to be the biggest scene meet was met with some bad circumstances, howeverthe people that went were able to turn it into the all night drinkathon that
it was supposed to be. Remember, this is now an annual/semi-annual event, so
if youre free and want to come up here to Toronto please let us know.
The Lethal Aspect, an institution in its own right has now officially beenshut down. We thank Xypher Matryx for his 4 years of support. With TLA
gone now, Seraphim has steped up to take the WHQ badge with his board Life Force.
DARK Member Update:
This month, the Dark ANSI division has been complimented by the
addition of three talented artists.
Dracula came to us from Society. He shows good potential and his
shapes just might catch your eye.
Moleql left the tightly knit Root to join our ranks. His art is
improving at a phenomenal rate, and his current style is reminiscent of
past works of Egoteq.
And finally, we welcome Putrid Carcass to the Dark family.
Pcarc is well known for Twisted, a group he runs but is probably most
famous for his intricate lines and flowing shapes.
We hope that our new tenants find the beds comfortable and the
meals palatable. Please make your self at home!
If youd like to join our ANSI division, e-mail me at
Our ever-growing VGA ranks saw the entrance of Bloodshed and Phaeton, both
have some very excellent work within this pack and both fit in nicely with the
Dark VGA team that has always strived for the best.
DARK Support Sites:
Life Force DARK World Headquarters Seraphim
The Regency Internet Headquarters Halaster
Mad Cows?!? DARK Member Board Night Stalker
Sight Sound DARK Member Board Drone-Fly
Abraxas/Diabolic DARK US Support Site Megga Hertz
ABCB Cafe DARK Support Site Kyo
Where to obtain DARK Collections
Via the internet, DARK packs can be obtained from The Regencys FTP
site, at tregency.res.cmu.eduu,or from the ACiD Artpacks Archive at /pub/artpacks/incoming/artpacks/.
Most DARK members can be contacted through e-mail addresses available
in the memberlist, and some may be found lurking on the IRC, in channel
dark. EFnet
On the World Wide Web, youll find support for DARK Illustrated, as
well as the latest pack, via
For more detailed information on DARK Illustrated, DARKs own F.A.Q.
Frequently Asked Questions text file is included in this archive.
Filename: DARK-FAQ.188
Filename Conventions
Filenames work like this: XXXXX-.*
XXXXX is a five-letter abbreviation of the artists alias.
Should the alias fall within five characters or less, the entire
alias will be used.
represents the current number of pieces the artist has produced for
the year of 1997.
* can be any valid extension for images, executables, data files, or
musical compositions. The most common are DRK for ANSI images, JPG/GIF/BMP/
etc... for high resolution graphic images, and MOD/S3M/XM/IT/etc for music
data files.
This is just my rant on how much I respect the likes of iCE, ACiD, Blade,
and CiA. Within the last few years weve all seen groups come and go, however
you 4 along with DARK Illustrated continue to progress through the scene. In
a scene where an established group is one that lasts 6 months, we are truly the
So, I dedicate this pack to those artists that worked for more than 6
months to get into a group, for those that earned respect, for those that
respected the older scenesters, for those of my generation. A generation where
history was more important than being number 1.
- The Observer aka The 4Th Disciple