superBBb deranged AnSI!!!!!!!! by vermin
superBBb deranged AnSI!!!!!!!! by vermin
wow.. i am the ansi man
-as this is a nice place to do something, and as this is an ansi that will
never be used for anything, i will write my personal person greets list here.
so large masses of respect and greetations flow out to the following people:
first of all, joda wow, pyx, intellius, yitzhaq, phobic, rexazy, darklord,
flux hIRR, head gnome, awry, id x, bc, vindicator, ripperjack, codeblaster,
and not last, and sure as hell not least, large blurbs of rass-spekkt fly out to all the people at the kLubb, the entire gang, stavanger, his friend, whose
name i do not know, all the people who recieved those elite e-post sheets from
joda, and as we close off, i would like to send big howls to everyone who have
supported us through these hard times of taking over the norwegian artscene.
this month, bmb, next month, the world.