World Record Breaking infofile by the "staff"
World Record Breaking infofile by the "staff"
The infofile... roots bloody roots
helau, and welcome to the infofile for the 1196 pack
from deranged. our 7th pack. thats half a year and a
month for all you bambooshers out there. yes. so here
we go, our over-800-line-infofile this month we have done almost nothing. we have i wish my
this part of the infofile has been cut out cuz penis wou
off shit happening. yes. shits. ld grow 2 in this elite infofile. yes. so just read this, yards lon
and remember to look for the secret text you g, and tha will never ever find, because you are too fuck- t everyon ing lame. well, anyway, this file is especially e would e
designed for bamboosh members so that it should nvy me as
be easy for anyone to read, and if you dont un- hell cuz
derstand it, fuck you. we have even fucking bo- of my dic
thered to make this super-elite-infofile for youk.
and everything. so you better be grateful.
anyways, on to the actual info. here is our mega
member list dis-alfabetical, you nerd
i wan
Name..................ansiasciicodevgalitt to f uck a n Vermin................duh yop duh yopduhice Id X.....HE.QUIT!...yop nah yop nahnahattrac Joda..................yop nah duh duhnahtive w
Awry..................nah nah yop nahnahoman.
this should be easy reading for all you elites out there. well, that was a treat, everybody!!! i No new members. No new yops or duhs. if that have
sounds even remotely logical. well, anyway, joingot some-
us right now, if you know what you are doing, thing rea- cause we rule the scene, and if you want to be lly stro-
a member of the movement against people who ng for you dont rule the scene, and if you want to be a
member of the only group in the world with an but you
eskimoish mascot, join deranged at this moment! gotta be REAL to
well, as you can probably understand, we need taste it, more members despreately. so if you can mail fakie!! us, do so on this will
be mentioned later in the infofile together
with other vital information. yes. well, so i
join the slowest rising artgroup in norway, wan and show that you dont have to go for the t to big cool super duper bamboosh. we dont need youhave se
if you are one of these people who constantly x with some-
goes for the big birds, so if you think you canone who is make a fucking difference, join us, and show itsexually
to the world. laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamer! yes!! attractive so get to it. NOW!!!!!! GET SOME!!!!!!!!!!!! right now.
supporting boards are the following fuck me!
Optical Illusion +47 55122892 Pyx/bmb!! whq Inevitable Existance +47 55169945 vrm/jda!! home! this part of the infofile has been cut out cuz off shit happening. yes. shits.
Icebreaker +358 9/0- hash/bmb! fihq!
Digital Motion +47 22 rexazy dist norwegi ans only:
i have no idea if underland is still up, so
i guess ill just leave it out, so that i wont jass du! contribute to the already roaming confusiondu er ute p
ferde og leser --------------------------------------------blackonblack
text du, ja,
if you run a board in any non-covered country,din sabla
mail us, and you may be the sysop at a drg hq.ite neger! jeg visste apart from that, all our packs are now uploadeddet var on, so if you need them, and haveflere inet, get them. they are not in any special dir,enn
but since youve managed to read this far, youmichael
seem to be a smart person, so you probably knowjackson!!!
how to search for drg*.* or something like that.
we hope you are not a retard. anyway, we now
think that we are much more cool than we have ever been before. yes. so, onto the actual info wow, its here!
the pack well, number 7 in a row, with no og ge months yet without a pack. we rule bmb hard. er tilbake there are ansis and asciis in this pack. I will i byen, not go any further into it as any fucking og n er retard should be smart enuff to check out de ute
the actual pack. so get to it, and like it. etter
hidden part:mail at HEVN!!!
right now, and tell me a good joke, and maybe
if yer lucky, we will make you something!!!
i wish wowowowowow!! isnt it nice? whee! so get to i was a it!!!!! or we will make eskil eskimo kill you. de skal
little would be nice if you tell us what the ascii/ gjre
bit ansi should say, dummasS you will also be opprr smaller, mentioned in next months infofile. mot inn- i wish i by the way, there might be other vandrere
was a wall- things here you still havent og drepe er, i wish found.. hehe. start looking. alle de i had a other fun things: if you mail kommer hella la- us at all, and tell us something over!!! rge penis funny or perverted, we may include PASS OPP
and a bank your message in the next pack!! WOW!!!!!!!!!
account. we might also do something ugly!
anyway, mail us for anything. irc
channel will be available soon too,
eskil by the way, so prepare yourself!!! eskimo we will rule! imagine chatting
on irc with your big heroes, us!
wouldnt that be a treat? yes! wait and see what happens. by the
slask way, do you see this eskimo next suxx to the text here? that is eskil eskimo! he is a hardcore drg member, and our official mascot. cool, eh? we think it rules, and
all the others can take their
fros and fuck off! yeah! fUCK
oPH, nEGR0EzzZZZ! hell, how cool.
so we are best, as usual.. hmm.
well, getting back to the case, we can always de
start bragging about shit we have large chances livsfa- of resurrecting the old memories from the blinker!rlige
we have big chances of getting a place to be all morder-
day and night, so sooner or later, we will return eskimoe-
to the blasphemy. thats going to rule as hell!!! ne innt-
as this happens, we may include shit from these ar scen-
conventions in our packs, and if we get to it, en og
we may release a jpeg-pack with lots of enter- er ute
taining pictures of slask and others. this sounds etter
very fun, right? yah. well, anyway, it will happen.DEG!
as my brain is blank, and we have hundreds of lines
to fill, i will now entertain you with our ode to beer
beer, beer, all the way, its what we want, it is our prey. beer beer, hey ho hey, we drink beer, night and
day! beer, beer, all the way, we want beer, thats what we say! beer, beer, hey ho hey, we got beer, that makes our day! BEER!!!!!!!!! hmm.. thats the most entertaining piece of shit i
have ever thrown away 5 lines on! whee! its really
cool, so join us, and sing with us!
yes! we are the best! and, as usually, now we
return to the actual information. kom deg
awry has taken upon himself the task of making hjem, fr-
a drg www page. its incredible! wow!! whee!! ue,og ro i have made some sheitty headers and shit for ned nerve- it, just so that it can be roughly set up, but ne, de er
ofcourse, as usual, it will be improved, with ikke ute our elite mj-background and everything. we wontetter deg. reveal its location yet, so stay tuned, boyZZ! ta det med ro. acid- - that thing over there is the only *square* drawen de-
wow. thinkammajigg you will find in this elite info-res er ik-
file. we guarrantee you. ke ladd.
as we are the most serviceing group in the entire
norwegian scene, we have decided to write this little description on the word deranged.
its really just to fill space, as if you didnt
understand that.. duh.. i looked up the word VIL DU
in my elite rogets thesaurus of english words and SE phrases, and was given this load of info: - KUKKEN, KJERRING-
503 - insanity - N. mental disorder, insanity, FAEN?? lunacy, madness, certifiability, mental illness, mental instability, mental derangement, unsound VIL DU? mind, delirium, brain damage.
it was also a hell of a lot of other words
that have to do with sickness, but i didnt take
the time to add them too. hmm.. im such a lamer.
anyways, the word bamboosh wasnt represented. er du en av
and since im such a nice guy, will also give youdisse jvla
the books description of the word anarchy. it /scenerne
was for some reason listed under disorder. som gir wonder why. here goes blanke fan
i alt
61 disorder - N. disorder random order, non- s lenge
classification, incoordination, muddle, no system, du fr
bedlam chaotic state, chaos, mayhem, 734 anarchy ha irc
irregularity, anomalousness, anomaly, 17 nonun- en din
informaty disunion, disaccord, 25 disagreement ??????
disharmony, 411 discord disorderliness, unruliness,PISS
lack of discipline, 738 disobedience outbreak, OFF!
see turmoil nihilism.
it was also a hell of a lot of other words that have to do with anarchy, but i didnt take
the time to add them either.. hmm..
which group gives you service? bamboosh? WE DO! so its really great actually. we have fun, and we break the world record in info-fileing.
we sure as hell rule this scene, dont we???
hmm.. no we dont, but we sure are pretty cool
for being a 4 member art group from norway
with no future, thats for sure.. SLASK ER
hmmm.. well, we have now reached 230 lines. INHABIL INK- that kicks ass on our old record, so now we OMPETENT FAEN
are on unexplored grounds.. cool, eyh? well,AV EN BORT- we sure have proved that we can write a good SKJEMT DRITT load of bullshit, now havent we? hmm.. any- UNGE, OG ways, we can go to something really interestingKAN REISE the story of why the 10 pack was so fucking TIL HELV-
delayed: ETTE!!!!!
the 10 pack was initially planned to be one of !!!!!!!!
our few packs released on the actual 15th of
the month, and it all worked fine, until i decided we needed them darn memberprophiles.
i had mine ready, got jodas after a while, and
then the problems started.. awrys one got in
a few days late, chrushing my dreams of an on- time pack, and id-xs one was still not there. i *had* given it to him before, but for some reason, he must have misplaced it. anyways, it
took me a few days to make him leech 1.1 from
my board, and other loads of shit came in, like
do this, and dont do that, or that, and btw do
this this way, and not this way.. well, i got
pretty stressed at the end, but finally, a few
days late, the memberprophileages were finally in order, the pack was uploaded to optical
illusion, and all our other sites, except for underland, which should after what awry told me be down now, although it isnt. holy shit this is a lot of shit to do. dont start an artgroup, kids. anyways again, the pack finally reached the
streets, a few days late, and it was all final.
it happened, and we didnt have to fall in the
bmb08 trap, of not releasing the pack at all. well,
the pack stunk, and there was only 1 ansi from
joda, but as the diz said, it sure was different.
right now im listening to freedom by chosen few.
its from 1994, and its on terrordrome, but for
some reason, its good, unlike all the shit they release nowadays. well, fuck that, lets get back to the case
if you really think we would use all this use-
full nice fucking space just to fill it with a
fucking big blank space, youre fucking wrong,
you incompetent piece of shit!
back to the case:
that eskimo over there - is askiil .. i hsiw eskimo. his name is askiil since he..llaw a
is badly drawn in ascii. its kinda b hsiw i
logical, actually, although you sss a dah
probably dont understand shit of -al all
it. anyway, his arms are white cuZ sine hes an elite, and he wears a blynd s, ,s knab
hat chek the b, a deezle shert ss .tnoc
chek the d and airwok shoes, ss
chek the as. if you happen to ..askiil be an eskimo, and dress like our d.eskimo. mate askiil, send us a picture i of yourself in this outfit, and
we might make you a drg member. s
and *thats* cool. cool as hell. s
even cooler than being a member sssssks
of acid, and making free shit. , x
actually, even cooler than being a member of bamboosh!!!!!
hell, THATS what i call cool! s ss even cooler than an eskimoish sa s as chicks cunt, i must say! no offence to eskimoes, we love s sssssss you all sss
this is joda part infofile:
I have not much bullshit to write this year, although i will. This month we have just
conquered the streets with our extensive freestyle walking. The streets are no longer safe. The only person who is stupid enough to cross the streets is slask and the old woman on the corner. Right now we are sniffing gasoline and writing this file. I have lost my talent of
writing bullshit so ill stick to drawing the
files. I checked out some shit by tektronix of bmb and i must bloody surely well say that this guy is
my new idol. He the right guy to bring the
scene to its knees. yesterday i hacked terjes
calculator. it was a big experience. I almost
got erected and this happened during the
gymnastix. terje got pissed and grabbed my arm.
i kicked him in the leg and he let go of my
arm, and proceeded programming elite programs
on his only friend. BTW: we threw kims shoe in
the trashcan. Space is a problem here... bye.
back to vermin: as always here is some bullshit the song about pelle proletarbil: fittefittefitte
pelle pelle pelle proletarbil fittefittefitte
pelle pelle lekk som en jvla sil fittefittefitte
pelle pelle pelle proletarbil fittefittefitte
pelle pelle pelle pelle fittefittefitte
fittefittefitte pelle pelle pelle har terninger fittefittefitte
pelle pelle kjres av fjerninger wow fittefittefitte
pelle pelle pelle er rusten fittefittefitte
pelle pelle forgifter luften fittefittefitte pelle pelle pelle pelle fittefittefitte
pelle pelle pelle proletarbil fittefittefitte
pelle pelle lekk som en jvla sil fittefittefitte
pelle pelle pelle proletarbil fittefittefitte
pelle pelle pelle pelle fittefittefitte
pelle pelle pelle ruler fittefittefitte
pelle pelle pelle uler fittefittefitte
pelle pelle pelle sparker fittefittefitte
mens han som kjrer bare harker fittefitte
fittefitte pelle pelle pelle proletarbil fittefitte
pelle kollapser etter en halv mil fittefitte
pelle pelle pelle proletarbil fittefitte
PELLE PELLE PELLE PELLE!!!!! fittefitte fittefittefitte pelle pelle pelle kjrer fort fittefittefitte pelle kjrer over hundelort fittefitte
pelle pelle pelle er farlig fittefitte
pelle pelle er raskere enn en harley fittefitte
pelle pelle pelle proletarbil fittefittefitte
pelle pelle lekk som en jvla sil fittefittefitte
pelle pelle pelle proletarbil fittefittefitte pelle pelle pelle pelle fittefittefitte
fittefittefitte pelle pelle pelle proletarbil fittefittefitte pelle kollapser etter en halv mil fittefittefitte pelle pelle pelle proletarbil fittefittefitte PELLE PELLE PELLE PELLE!!!!! fittefittefitte
dont touch me, cause im electric, and if you
touch me, youll get SHOCKED!
im am elite as hell..
hmf.. as a lot of people might misunderstand the look, im flux colly, i thought id might install a little warning here:
the flux colly is a joke. it is not to be taken
seriously. it was made because i had nothing to
do. it is not meant as any type of horrassment.
take it easy, its a fucking joke. lamer! D
20 lines so that even bamboosh will get it
it is all a fucking joke. if you take this
fucked up scene so seriously that youll start
some fucking flamewar because of this, then there
is definately something dreadfully wrong here.
please accept the fact that the absence of humor is larger in the deranged camp than anywhere else
on the entire continent. except for the agsng
camp, maybe it is all bullshit.
just so there will be *no* misunderstanding in the air, i will use this space to apologize
to the entire bamboosh crew, including flux,
who is no longer a member of bamboosh. uhm,
anyways, bamboosh we do not mean to give you a bad rep, horass you, or in any other way treat you negatively elite, we just need to humorize. just think of how much this scene
would inhale phlatulence if we didnt humorize
the entire asshole to hell? well, as pyx made
that *superb* drg ansi in the bmb1196 pack, i
feel that sheitting about them forever is kinda
nice actually, instead of starting a lame-war.
large greets to bamboosh, you are the second best artgroup in norway. and i guess ascii gruppen must be number one there. UHM!
my chair if you think this is a desperate attempt to over fill space, im afraid youre absolutely right. jodas sock shit: gives me i am gonna call OTTAR, and i will turn in those
pleasur evil people at TVshop. its dreadful. just see for
yourself. in the abflex ad they run a couple of
million times a day, there is this chick/woman
that is supposed to introduce this product. youll
know her when you see her pink training-outfit.
this is where the dreadfulness starts: look
closely on the top portion of her training-outfit.
note the fact that the zipper is 40cm longer down
than it normally would be. its not a big deal yet,
but as we move into the show, she is ordered to try the abflex. as the abflex is a thinkamajikk you
place on your stomach, and press against it, the
best view of someone using it would certainly be
from overhead. thats right. the camera nicely
zooms in from over her, and shows a little more than just the abflex flexing along. as you see
pretty far down her training-outfits top portion,
you will notice that it is no problem to see her
tits. theyre fucking all over the place. she *is* wearing a bra, though, which you are also seing pretty fucking fine. this is discraceful. i will call OTTAR and make them take the case in their
feminine hands. yes. read the papers for a while,
and you will *certainly* not miss it. i hope
as we move along through our bullshitfile, here comes some elite shit:
PUTT w3 4r3 th3 pr3m1um 4rt46e 6r0up 0f n0rw4y DEN INN! y0u st4nd *n0* ch4nc3... jut g1v3 up..
Og paa den tolvte dagen, kvalte han himmeriket...
H! H!
og paa den trettende dagen, skygget han for solen H, EG VIL HA DEG INNI BAKFRA, KIM!!!!!!!! saa var det ingen dager mer....
yes.. some isengard lyrics there, like you didnt know.. uhm. yes. i would at this point thank you
all, for following us down this infofile, that has
now reached an as far as i know recordbreaking,
incredible, unbeatable, asskicking, phlatulenthic,
number of lines. to be accurate, we have now reached
*F I V E H U N D R E D L I N E S* 309 to go... :
a moment of silence, to praise the gods of info.
yes... who cares. not we fur sore. shits. this
isnt going very well.. well, as i at this point
have no idea what in the hell to write, i will
tell you a story. it may include shitty drawings,
so be ware.
a few days ago, wednesday, i think, wednesday the 5th i believe, i was having a *great* time. i was
calling somewhere, and chewing an urge cork. i
have no idea if the word cork is the right word
to use in such a situation, but i will. anyways, i usually chew these suckers to pieces, and i find this sincerely stimulating. so there i sat, leAtChINg sOmE wAReZZ, chewing this cork. well,
as these corks have a rather peculiar shape, it
really isnt easy to keep them still while chewing
them to pieces. this is the bad drawing of a cork:
., / - that part there is so urge / weirdly shaped because
- it has been chewed to ------ pieces. if you cant understand what the hell that is supposed to look like, imagine it upside down
and on the top of an elite urge bottle.
anyways, as i was chewing this thing to pieces,
i had the whole and entire thing placed inside
my mouth, and as you can probably think, this isnt a very comfortable position. i was, as said,
having the whole thing in my mouth, with a firm
grip on it with my teeth. all was fine, until
it magically slipped out of the firm grip of my teeth. ,
that thing there,- ., /
which is pretty urge /
sharp, actually, -
managed to SLASH ------
a 5cm deep scar in
the upper part of my mouth. as i do not know what this is called, i will not care. just try putting
your finger in your mouth, and pointing it upwards. this would ofcourse be downwards in case youre chinese. yes. black to the slubject: this fucking asshole of a cork managed to SLASH this ELITELY big scar in my mouth, and as you can probably
imagine, it bled like HELL. it was fucking dripping
out of my mouth. for a minute there i really felt
like gene simmons back in 76... i fucking lost
about three litres of blood, just because of that
FUCKING urge cork. heres something elite to do:
, hizbollah
., / hizbollah
urge / hizbollah - hizbollah ------ hizbollah hizbollah
remember not to wipe kafka
with devilmantm over kafka
there, cause then youll kafka
go to HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!! kafka
kafka yes. as i still have kafka
nothing to do, heres another kafka
story!!! kafka
., / urGe / - , ------ ., /
cOke /
------ i wish i was a little bit
, cooler, i wish i was a rooler
., / ,i wish i had a brain tumor and ph4nt4 / a p200
- ------ OH NO! ITS THE ATTACK OF THE EVIL URGE, COKE AND PH4NT4 CORKS!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One fine day, urgecork was walking in the
city, where he met cokecork. urgecork and
cokecork decided to do some evil stuff, so
they went to ph4nt4corks house, where he was raping a poor ringnescork. they qucikly
got him out of the blood-drenched house, and set of to the city. after a while, they were there. they saw vermin walking there, accompanied by Yitzhaq, incredibly. They immediatley JUMPED on Vermin, and started SLASHING him into pieces with their evil sharp
parts in the upper left corner. SLASH!! SLASH!!!
SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! when vermin was ripped into little pieces, yitz
slowly but surely appROACHed the merry trio. HEY! he yelled, in a yitzy manner. ARGH!!!!!!!! the corks shouted like black metal vocalists, as they spotted yitzhaqs breathtaking beard. once again, they yelled. ARGH!!!!!!!! at that moment, they set
off to the mountain, hoping to meet fenriz up there,
shouting at that mean echo. internal joke
-thE eND-
and the moral of the story is never fuck with kim e
yitzhaqs beard. it veEEEEEEERy dancheress!!! ute
p if you ever meet yitz, ask him to verify this ferde
story. im sure he will, as he probably remembers igjen..
it like it was yeztwhoreZdazEEE. og han
yes.. we have passed 600 lines now, and we are DRITT!
fastly moving towards the evil 700 mark. and when
we reach the 700 mark, then we onlty have *100*
lines left! hell, chek out bambooshs infofile,
i guess it isnt even a hundred lines long.. yup.
the scene is ours. we own the scene. this is the
as you probably dont know yet, joda drew a PIC
ansi for this pack. when you chek it out, remember
to carefully read the bullshit in the upper left
corner, and see if you can get the hidden arro- gance blast somewhere in there. what could one expect from joda?? not much, thatsfersure.
anywaysit must be the 1000th time i have used
that word in this file, my weener is stuck under
the door, so i have problems getting up in the
morning.. hell.. we had a heimkunnskapsprve at
sKEWl today... ehr.. everything went black. :
holy sheep.. no, this isnt working. i am afraid you are going to have to spread your legs and lie.
that sentence is probably the biggest pile of shit i have ever written in my entire life. yes. like i have to command people to spread their legs.
oh, fuck. i wonder how many hours i have wasted
writing all this bullshit. cant be few. yes..
STORY TIMe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
once upon a time, when we were at blinkeren,
somebody had brought some beer. ooohh.. beer.
as this beer wasnt free, i didnt get any. boooh.
kim, though, which isnt the smartest person on earth, purchased some beverage from the beer-master, whose name will remain unknown. as kim was a smart person, he managed to spill about half a bottle
of premium all over me, when i was standing behind
him, and he was trying to drink that beer. yeh.
anyways, after a while, the crowd decided to go to
bed. yes, in those sticky sofas, and on that
sticky floor, kim, as smart as he has always been,
poured a hellalotta beer into a hellalotta cocacola in a nice 1,5 litre coke bottle. as you can guess,
this musta tasted like SHIT. he didnt taste it. i want when everyone but me and ronny had slowly but surely to smokefallen asleep, ronny stood up, and started goofing tektronix around. when i saw this, i got almost up, and said in my assas i usually say when people wander around in their
shorts in the middle of the night: kan faen e det
du gjr p??. ronny just laffed. he took an empty
0,5 litre urge bottle, and went to the toilet.
i felt really puzzled as i heard him laffing out
there, but i didnt really care. after a while, he came back. he had the bottle in his hand, and it
had this liquid in it. i didnt know what it was,
so i asked. here is a drawing of the bottle, and
what was in it: H, KIM! / DU HAR S GOD
/ fancy urge bottle NDE!!!!!!
that yellow stuff there is PISS.
he opened the refridgerator, and took out kims
beercoke bottle, and poured his PISS in the bottle.
this was a hella good joke, but it wasnt good enuff!
i took the bottle with me, and went to the toilet.
after a while, i came back, with the bottle in my hand. now it looked like this:
/ fancy urge bottle
ge that yellow stuff there is PISS.
i poured it all into kims bottle, and put it into the refridgerator. next day, kim got the bottle, took a GOOD mouthful of this yUM yUM liquid, and
yelled: THIS TASTES LIKE *PISS*!!!!!!!!!!!!
dont blame me, i am born with this humor.
yes! over to actual info: H!!! S gTT
how to get in contact with your heroesus: dET e sITTE fAST well, what you do, is this: call your local uNDAR SW or PD board, where the nice sysop gives you dREN!! free email, and try to write a message to
remember that. if you feel that that adress is
too stuck under the door, you can try which will take years to be answered. as i dont know awry and idxes email addys, i cant add them here. if i get hold of them they might be included in the next pack.
if you do not have email, and cant steal it from
anywhere, do this:
get a modem, shove it into your comport, and call
optical illusion, at +47 55 12 28 92, and mail
Svein-Arne Str0mmen.
if this is inadequate for you, call inevitable
existance at +47 55 16 99 45, and leave a message to Vermin.
this shouldnt be so darn hard. if you for some
reason cant do this either, try to leave a
message at Count Zero, at +47 55 12 29 62, to Vermin. that shouldnt be so hard. just so that
you know it, Count Zero is in no way affiliated
with Deranged. it is just a board i regularly call
and a good board. thats it. if you are so bloody stupid that you cant fucking write us a fucking mail, then you can try writing
a letter, and sending it to Kim Olsen, Lyshovden 254
5033 Fyllingsdalen, Bergen, Norway.
space is lacking. heres the greets:
bamboosh,cia,codine,eclipse,emic,fire,fuel flood,grotesticle,hor,iesus,legend,nh!,oil opium,phat,punc,proxima,rectum cauda,soap stile,swap,teklords,telepathy,trank,trauma,x
same as last time. didnt get to updating it, but
ho kwears. erh.. extra large respect and greets
to the gang. you know bloody well who you are.. :
wish you a merry november!
we love you all!!!
but we wont fuck
you in the ass like
others would very much
like to do.. heh.
note: we may break the record once more.. arrogance blast