infofil om gruppen "deranged"!! by Joda
infofil om gruppen "deranged"!! by Joda
The extra infofile by vERMIN
well, i didnt want to kill the other infofile,
so i did this in another one. anyhow, this months we
release what will be the last deranged pack ever. we have
decided that running deranged the way i did just didnt work at all. so, from this day, deranged is officially dead. it lasted for over a year, we were the second art
group from norway ever to exist, as far as i know, and
now, after one year and one month, 13 packs later, we came to the conclusion that deranged just isnt worth it.
i guess were all members of other groups, so we wont fade away into nothing just because of the death of deranged.
anyhow, i want to thank everyone who supported us during
our existence, and i would also like to thank all our
current and former members, for being there when
they were. deranged wasnt just a group, it was an
-vermin 28.05.97
some people will believe anything
, iTS fUGN
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