infofil om gruppen "deranged"!! by Joda
infofil om gruppen "deranged"!! by Joda
The infofile... by vERMIN
Hi there! This is Vermin, back in the habit of writing
the Deranged-Infofiles. It may seem strange to you that
we are releasing a pack this month, as we told the world last month that we were dead. Well, the explanation is easy. After Deranged died, we saw what was really happening
in the Norwegian art-scene. It had only one really good-
quality-group, which was Bamboosh. We knew that if we got our act together, and shaped up, we could be a real quality
group, like they somehow always were. So i contacted all the members, and we agreed that Deranged still had a lot to give to the Norwegian artscene. So we resurrected our-
selves. And here we are. Deranged. New, no-longer bull-
shit-oriented, and most important of all, still alive.
The absence of Guma, and Droogie are the only real
differences from the original group. Guma was rem-
oved because he never really did anything serious,
and Droogie because he never did anything. Awry may
be removed next month if he doesnt act. We are also
planning to get rid of our mascot, Ronny, as the group we want to be doesnt need a mascot. We dont know what
has happened to Acidblood, but hes still on the list, as he never told me he wasnt going to be there. :-
So here is the current memberlist:
Vermin........ ASCIIANSIVGA founder
Joda.......... ASCIIANSIVGA senior member
Fonzie........ ASCIIANSIVGA normal member Xpozed........ ASCIIANSIVGA kicked Misty......... ASCIIANSIVGA mascot Acidblood..... ASCIIANSIVGA
Eside........ ASCIIANSIVGA
Guma.......... ASCIIANSIVGA Droogie....... XXXXXXXXXXXX
Awry.......... XXXXXXXXXXXX
Ronny......... XXXXXANSIXXX
because of alot of annoying problems and bullshit with the deranged sites/hqs, we dont have a real
list this time, so behave and be nice.
inevitable existance - +47 55 16 99 45
optical illusion - +47 55 12 28 92
deranged homepage
go there
Greets and respect go to the following Psychic Release, Ploum, Filth, Blame, Bamboosh,
and especially Dentist and Gomez, for being such
nice and helpful fellows. We wish you the best of luck in life.
See you next month! :- .
. ssssssssss,. s,. .s.s,. .,sS hy..... ss,,sSK
sssssssss,. vrm
. ..,sss,. .,sS5.- ssssss