LEAP Promotional by Acid Phix
LEAP Promotional by Acid Phix
l i n k e d e a r t h a r t i s t s p r o g r a m m e r s
AP-LEAP1.ANS Copyright C Trademark Acid Phix, who is in DoS! :
This ansi is like, uhm, like, about 100 original, and was done in a few days.
If you would like an ansi from me, contact me on Infinet, or any decent 717 bbs
Dammit, why the hell did Titan die out?!
Greets go out to-
Chemical Halo- Uh huh, greeted again. Dont ya ever get tired of this
iP- Maybe, if, you are ever out of ansi, you might see this.
Psyber- I told you I could make an ansi for you, ya ever doubt me?
Stone The Crow- Hope to join ya soon in iCE.
Lithium, or isosceles- I like isosceles better myself.