esides... quick and dirty DRAW like ME tutorial....
theres no easy way to draw nice looking ASCII like ... i have been around
for a while now.. started in december 96 with a really crappy ascii, and now:
- People actually LIKE my art well, someone do
Anyway... this tutorial is not about me... rather about my ASCII style...
if uve look a bit close at my asciies, u can easily see that theyre a bit
bigger than the usual size of a OLDSCHOOL ascii, because my LETTERS are BIGGER
lets START...
1. the FIRST thing I do,is to choose what CHARACTERS i want to use in a ASCII.
Recently, the , , and been a popular choice of mine. YOU should
choose characters urself, or else youll be a bit UNORIGINAL.
2. Begin to draw wide RECTANGULAR shapes, kinda like this: +----------------+
3. Drawing oldschool ascii usually doesnt require a talent for it, so dont
bother too much if ur first asciies like dull and boring.
the shape is basic in ALL my asciies, but are always
+----------------+ different in a way.
4. expirement with the characters u have chosen, to shape the ascii the way
u want it..kinda like this:
5. the ascii looks a bit different now, doesnt IT?.. continue to experiment,and make more shapes... like this:
6. Still doesnt look like a ascii.. the next thing is to try to make the shapes look like alphabetic letter...:
a T! --------
7. Still doesnt look like MY style... well have to do something about that.
just not yet.... the next step is to melt your letter-shapes together with
eachother.. like this:
a T! -------- --------
8. now u got some weird ascii shape... now is the time to shape it in UR own
style... my style, as im the one writing this :
It says IT -------- /
this ASCII might not look nice... but it give u the BASICS in MY way of making
oldschool asci........ just dont make it look too much like my ascii, or you
will get accused of ripping i dont mind anybody ripping me, but the ASCII
community generally dislikes/hates ripping..
Good luck everyone ...