An Anubis Ansi
DoA 04-94
HaHaHaH! ITs the Editorial area of the ansi.
This one was inspired by...
Magic:The Gathering the card game and the drawing was taken from the AntiquityArtifact Possession if you play you probably have about twenty if not.. need
any Artifact Possessions?? : In the case you couldnt understand the above
ansi. To be frank, its a little tiny purple demon guy about to possess
somebodys broadsword and fuck the hell out of them.. its called a Thraxodemon.Yeah.. thats what I said.
Now ist time for all those greets you all love and know! notice my german
SiCiLY: Thanks for everything you drunkard.. Id never been elite without ya.
BrightShadow: Good job on rip city. They still think it simply didnt reset. :
Torch: Hey Torch.. Hows the C stuff going?
Not: Not.. Not.. where the hell are you, not?
SHaDe: koff koff lame koff koff I thought your 5k packet was stupendous..
esp. the font you RIPPED OFF, LUKE SKYWALKER! koff koff lame koff
press the key when you understand the shareware concept, faggot.