DARK Newsletter 12/97 by Multiple Authors
DARK Newsletter 12/97 by Multiple Authors
e 4Th Disciple Darkill
The great Canadian North known for its frigid
cold, its suffocating
snow, and the release location of the monthly Dark
Illustrated packs. As
crisp as snow, as unique as every snow flake we brin
g to you the greatest
power from the North. Darkness can indeed exist wh
ere the brightness of
snow lingers. Darkness takes hold of you along wit
h its henchmen the cold the frost, the slush, an
d the snow. It engulfs your very being, and yet it
only allows you growth. Dark Illustrated 1998 and
beyond. As we approach
4 years of releasing, we wish you all a Happy New Y
The last month in Dark brought with it many ch
anges, and at that time
we stated that we werent done yet. And with that
I introduce to you our
new ansi heads. Kitiara and G
child come over from the ranks of iCE. These
two ex-Darkies will help lead our ansi dept into th
e oncoming assault that
we have planned. Be prepared for the upcoming Dark
releases, you will
pleasantly be surprised.
- The 4Th Disciple
Canada is finally suffering from a coldsnap however
our Christmas
Bonanza pack will warm you up. The changes in the s
taff structure this
month might be difficult to adjust to but we are st
ill the same group
intent on producing the best quality art from the g
reat Canadian North.
Reminding members that next month The 4th Disciple w
ill be packing the pack and not to send an
y submissions to me. Taking a break to battle the gr
Canadian highschool exams.
- Winter
Dark News
With the introduction of our 2 new ansi heads, come
s the introduction
of our Advisory Council. This move saw the promoti
on of Velkro to higher
ranks. Perhaps the hardest working member in Dark
for the past few months, he has proven himself wo
rthy time and time again. Congrats Ken!
WHQ talk has been initiated as well in the las
t month or so, a WHQ
is in the process of being setup, as well as a bran
d spankin new CHQ. So
please remain patient as we take steps to introduce
to the scene, the new
era of Dark Illustrated. 4 years and going strong.
And remember 1998 was
what the last 4 years were leading up to. So stay
New Members
Kitiara and Gchild join t
he ranks of Dark Illustrated as the new ansi
heads. They bring with them there experiece fro
m Ice and we welcome them
into our ansi division.
Trauma joins Dark Illustrated this month br
inging with him his talent
to our vga department. We welcome him to Dark Illus
Dark Sitelist
Mad Cows?!? DARK Member Board N
ight Stalker
Abraxas/Diabolic DARK US Support Site
Megga Hertz
ABCB Cafe DARK Support Site
Dark Collections
Via the internet, Dark packs can be obtained from t
Homepage at www.darkillustrated.org
Most Dark members can be contacted by e-mail add
available in the memberlist, and some may be found
on the IRC, on channel dark. EFnet
For more detailed information on Dark Illustrated
, Darks
own F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions text
file is included
in this archive. DARK-FAQ.192
Dark Filenames
Filename Conventions...
Filenames work like this: XXXXX-.*
XXXXX is a five-letter abbreviati
on of the artists alias.
Should the alias fall within five characters or les
s, the
entire alias will be used.
represents the current number
of pieces the artist has
produced the year of release.
* can be any valid extension for
images, executables, data
files, or musical compositions. The most common are
DRK for
ansi images JPG/GIF/BMP/ etc... for high resolution
images, and MOD/S3M/XM/IT/etc for music data
As this year slowly passes by, I would like to say
that through the
many ups and downs of the year our members stuck be
hind the group and
watched it mature. Dark saw many a member leave an
d join, and it also
saw the loyalty that would pay off in hard work by
those that remained.
1997 saw Carnifex and Xypher Matryx step down, it s
aw The Green Hornet
move on, it saw the return of Raize. Many changes,
and yet the tradition
of DARK remains.
Thats it isnt it? Tradition. Every group c
an be anything it wishes however, the tradition b
ehind the group cannot be something that can be
gained within a year or a short few months. Year a
fter year we bring to
you that tradition, and year after year we return.
From all of us to all
of you, Happy New Year. And may your new year be a
s DARK as ever.
- The 4Th Disciple