DARK Information by Multiple Authors
DARK Information by Multiple Authors
L L U S T R A T E D crndark
December 96
Im waiting for the night to
I know that it could save us
When everythings dark,
We forget the stark
Welcome back, Darkfriends! We at DAR
K Illustrated are sorry
to hear that many art scene denizens
were unable to get their
hands on the popular Tickle-Me-E
lmotm doll they so
desperately wanted this Christmas. H
owever, we are pleased to
announce that former mall-Santa P
rison Breaker, in a show of
holiday cheer, offers two facsimiles:
and Draw-Me
-An-ANSI-The-Green-Hornettm. Only 19.95
plus shipping and handling. Canadian
residents please add GST
and provincial sales tax
Incidently, were hoping that the REA
L Santa Claus brought
some hardware for a few of the good D
ARK members this month!
Clark, Essential Obscenit
y, and Free Fall had all been
recently immobilized on account of se
rious computer-related
problems. Meanwhile, Samurai
needs the *other* kind of
hardware to build a shed
in his backyard, to store all his
really sharp swords!
In other news, while The Prodigy
has only been in the group
for little over a month, he has made
a lot of progress, showing
everyone that he certainly lives up t
o his name! Prior to
joining DARK, apparently, every time
he saw a commercial for
the Hair Club For Men, hed feel this
strangely overwhelming
desire to kill the Pope. Likewise,
Seraphim often spoke with us
about considering all the blades of g
rass hed stepped on as a
child, worrying that their ancestors
were going to one day seek
revenge. As we understand it, C
yber X just smokes the stuff!
Thankfully, both are doing a little b
etter now! Like the rest
of us, theyve learned to become more
stable, social members of
society always remembering to apolog
ize to their next door
neighbor for setting fire to his lawn
decorations, after howling
madly at the full moon, while wearing
boxer shorts on their heads
to ward off the evil dandruff spirits
Wed also like to congratulate vetera
n artist Acidic Soap and
former DARK courie
r Critical Illusion on finally getting th
board, Savage Exile, back up
and running again! Its only been
two years, but hey, whos counting?
The DARK Senior Squad is looking
forward to crashing Pyxis
house-warming party in Miami, though
the city is reportedly too
crass for even Sylvester Stallone an
d his baby daughter. All
DARK members are invited to attend,
and are welcome to draw
on the computer while present. As th
is is *not* expected to be
a formal DARK event, please bear in m
ind that transportation for
the whole group will NOT be provided.
Grails studio-warming
party, however, will be a totally dif
ferent story altogether.
But bring your own trampoline!
In coding news, we have always found
Wayne Kerr to be a
strong coder with DARK. Unbeknownst
to most, he is also an
exceptional musician in Adlib music.
His Music Box feature
presentation filename: MUSICBOX.
EXE, in this months
Collection, provides a glimpse at jus
t how multi-talented he
really is. Be sure to check it out!
While youre at it, take a
look at the very first VGAs that
Oxygene, DARKs Coding Head, and
myself Carnifex have conjured up!
This is it the last Collection of th
e year. We hope 1996 has
been as interesting and fun-filled a
year for you as it has been
for us! As Xypher Matryx wou
ld say, Arrrrgh. Ill kick your
teeth in and stomp on your guts. Hr
mmm. Actually, I think that
when Xypher says that, what hes real
ly means is: Normal is what
everyone else is, and we are not.
Now just si
t back, turn off the lights...
and enjoy th
e Dark.
Senior Staff, DARK Illustrated
New Members
Joining the Army of Darkness this mon
th are Cybershock,
Holister, Mimes, and
Shadow Hawk. We hope these soldiers enj
the food we know you wont find brea
d and water of the same
calibre anywhere else! Burnout
the Cook would like to remind you
to kiss the chef, before Armagedd
on Donut serves his Dairy Queen
* Cybershock
. The VGA Department is simply shocked to its
cybernetic core by the addition of Cy
bershock, an aspiring new
Photoshop artist. His artwork is qui
te promising, and he promises
us that well be s
eeing more from him in the near future.
* Holister. Holis
ter, the newest member of DARKs Coding Team,
has been focusing his time and talent
on a personal project to
date, but we expect to see some impressive produc
tions in the near
future, during his time off.
are two entirely different
identities. While they may very well
be the same person in
Real Life, they are two separate enti
ties in cyberspace and
would like to be recognized as such.
* Mimes. Not too lon
g ago, the DARK Senior Squad was pleasantly
surprised to find a bubbling baby grr
rl at our doorsteps. Now,
two months later, she has been offici
ally adopted by the group
and given the name Mimes pronounced
meemz. Mimes is proud
to be DARKs first, and *only* offici
al cheerleader.
* Shadow Hawk. Sh
adow Hawk brings his unbridled enthusiasm and
personal drive to DARKs ANSI Departm
ent. Another aspiring new
artist, we think hes a real diamond
in the rough!
It seems that the group has been grac
ed this month by a new
member in every department but Music.
Could this be a sign that
Jimmy Hoffa has really taken up with
Elvis Presley and are rooming
together in Brampton, Ontario? More
on this in the future
Agent 77 of the D-Files wil
l continue the investigation, while
Garroter is expected to suppl
y us with an update in 0-3 days.
The D-Files
A whales penis is called a dork.
The saying Its so cold out there it
could freeze the balls
off a brass monkey came from when th
ey had old cannons like ones
used in the Civil War. The cannonbal
ls were stacked in a pyramid
formation, called a brass monkey. Wh
en it got extremely cold
outside, they would crack and break o
ff... Thus the saying.
Stewardesses is the longest word th
at is typed with only the
left hand.
Medieval Pick-up Line 62:
Yes, that was a good hanging wasnt
it? Of course, if you come to
my place, I can show you something t
hats really well hung!
Stone Age Pick-up line 16:
Say, baby, I may be no Fred Flintsto
ne, but Id sure like to make
your bedrock!
While DARK Il
lustrated does not guarantee that the above
pick-up lines will necessarily work
for you under all
circumstances we cant *all* be Mac
k Daddys, or Daddymacs,
rumours have it that Purple Dye
has achieved quite a degree of
success. It probably had something t
o do with his inspiring
DARK 1996: Summer of Hate World Tour
Filenames work like this: XXXXX-
five characters we hope represent
an artists name adequately.
2-digit number representing the numbe
r of releases this artist
has had since 01/96. The counter wi
ll be reset once the new
year begins
The Lethal Aspect
World Headquarters
Xypher Matryx
The Regency
Internet Headquarters
Clockwork DARK Member Board
Mad Cows?!? DARK Member Board
Night Stalker
Savage Exile DARK Member Board
Acidic Soap
Sight Sound DARK
Member Board Drone-Fly
Special Sauce DARK Member
Board Samurai
The Way Station DARK Member
Board The Anarchist
In addition to getting the Collection
s from the above DARK-
affiliated BBSs, DARK Collections ca
n be obtained from The
Regency, Halasters telnet-BBS. To r
each DARKs Internet HQ,
telnet or FTP to tregency.res.cmu
The latest DARK Collections are also
supported on the ACiD Art
Scene Archives, under ftp.cdrom.c
Be sure to drop by dark, on IRC, whe
re you can trade DARK
Collections, and/or submit new member
applications. DARK members
and fans alike can be found here idli
ng, chatting, or behaving in
bizarre manner, as always.
For more detailed information on DARK
Illustrated, please take a
look at DRK-FAQ1.705, the lat
est version of our Frequently Asked
Questions list, included in this Coll
As far as we can discer
n, the sole purpose
of human existence is to kindl
e a light of
meaning in the darkness of
mere being.
C.G. Jung, Memories, Dreams
, Reflections
This Collection is dedicated
to Oxygene,
Not one to take the easy way
One who chooses to take acti
on rather than
simply accepting things the w
ay they are.
In next months info file, Epitaph will ins
truct you on how to
clone your neighbors wife in six easy steps
. This project
promises to be an exciting weekend full of fun and
Common kitchen utensils will be all you need.
In the meantime, well raise you a glass of fine br
andy to
you all, and wish you the best in 97. We have a f
its going to be a kick-ass year.
trated 1996