DARK Pack Release .NFO by Spaceman Spiff/Misc
DARK Pack Release .NFO by Spaceman Spiff/Misc
The Dark Collection is a self
prepared compilation of all
the artwork produced by Dark
Illustrated during any given
month. Being totally self
contained, the Collection
includes a viewer for all your
orgasmic viewing needs.
To use this viewer, simply
strip naked as a bear in heat
and put your underwear over
your head. Then type DARKVIEW
at the prompt.
This package will be released
around the 1st of every fuqn
month and will have in it: all
the official DARK stuff, some
big mutha .NFO file which you
have to make sure you read, a
memberlist, a site list, the
DARK application, and a free
bottle of Pepsi.
If you want a DARK ansi/VGA
then you just have to contact
us. The easiest way is thru
the internet - refer to the
file DARK FAQ file for e-mail
addresses. Failing that, what
you can do is go to your local
library, open up every single
telephone book there, and call
everyone to see if theyre in
DARK. Our Post Office Box no
longer exists. sob! ss/drk