DARK Information by Xypher Matryx/Misc
DARK Information by Xypher Matryx/Misc
Disclaimer : DARK
Packs can warp
your skull, d
istending the bones
to make y
ou look like a chipmunk
or something... Youve been warned
the december 1995 info
rmation file..
No one found the DARK November Stealth Pack. Frickin buncha loopy-
fruit weenies. No-skill havin gearbox muck-rakers. A pack on all
of you!
It was the best, too. Yeesh.
Its late, and Im rushing to meet a deadline, so please forgive any
mistakes or omissions. Ill make it up later, I swear! A big, BI
thanks to 4th Disciple for all his work on this one, and Yggdrasil,
whos been working quietly in the background making connections we
so desperately need. You have my utmost respect all of you.
DARK is currently undergoing one doozer of a shuffle, all of which is
for the better. This past year has been a series of ups and downs,
each taking its toll on members and packs alike.
However! A fresh breath of inspiration seems to be passing through
the group, and 96 is going to be one HELL of a year. A few of the
projects weve got lined up are as follows:
- The DARK L.O.R.D. In-Game Module Challenge. Whafahk? Well
be issuing an official challenge to ALL groups out there, to
build a decent themed module for Legend of the Red Dragon.
Details will be in the January release pack. Ill let you in on
a little secret: DARKs 36 ChambersIGM is gonna knock the
shit out of everything.
- Omyn magazine: Secret Project E-Mag. BROAD article scope.
Keep em peeled, jack.
- Vortex. Weve talked about this a few times, yeah? Well, heres
the deal: Its coming.
- ... Frick, Im stumped. Ill provide more in the 01/95 rele
In other news, DARKs Homepage has been a great success so far. It
must be the magical combination of letters comprising its URL:
Now, in addition to this, the mighty Halaster has added to the DARK
Forces an FTP site, to be found at *this* magical address:
DARK Magic. Nothing beats it. Rock! Nothing beats *rock*, fool!
Im probably forgetting shtuff, and Ill catch hell for it, but Im
free-flying for the most part, so Ill just have to take the breaks.
*sigh* Any questions can be e-mailed to omyn@inforamp.net,
or you
can call the restored DARK World Headquarters:The Lethal Aspe
Notice the amount of work done for TLA? This is a HINT to all DARK
*members* who arent awake right now that they should be
and keeping in touch! goddamn it.
Ahhhh... ProZac.
- xmtrx of d-clan
All Dark files are still named as follows:
XXXXX represents five characters for an artist name.
is a hexadecimal
number representing the number of releases that artist has made to da
This file naming system is working out just fine for us and hopefully
other groups may find this new method useful with getting rid of the
multiple alias conflicts. All are encouraged to use it.
Viewer Incompatibiliti
Several pieces of artwork produced this month are not compatible, o
do not work properly with DARKVIEW - the second Logo-BIN
, and the VGAs
in .JPG format drawn by desalvo. Although the viewer will di
splay the
Logo-BIN, the full length will not be displayed. The VGAs drawn in
format are in drawn in 24 bit color, limiting display to professional
programs. Our excellent team of coders is working on correcting thes
minor details for future Collections.
New Members
Now, to draw attention to our newbies: runAmok, Hells F
ury, Burnout,
and Deaccessionjoin us in ANSI, Coding, VGA, and ANSI res
Hells Fury flexed a little hand-eye muscle this month though, and
drew an ANSI youll find in the pack. Were hoping the best for and
from our new members.
Someday Im gonna CATCH that fuckin rhino!
Im a freak. I rave sober.
Jack, if we tangle, Ill make you say Uncle so many times youre
*grandfather*ll have to adopt me.
Uh-huh. Right. Ill beat you like I was your ex-girlfriend di
You WERE my ex-girlfriend.
The Lands of Dark
The Lethal Aspect 416 World Fortress Xypher M
Sanctuary 305 Southern Fortress Tempus Thales
Harvest Moon 216 Central Fortress QuRan
Black Ice 805 Armoury Inertia/Argon
Dungeon 2 808 Armoury Smooth
Ground Zero +972 Armoury Sharp Edge
Project-X +972 Armoury Nyc-Kid
Suicidal Shrimp 514 Armoury Red Leader
Sushi Bar Z 619 Armoury Asylum
Eternal Insanity 908 Armoury Mindcrime
Evil Intentions 408 Armoury Betrayer
The Mourning After2 817 Member Keep Neuropsychosis
The Tenement 905 Member Keep Genesis POrridge
Virtual Extacy 905 Member Keep Moby
Silicon Sphinx ??? Member Keep Maelstrom
An extra note on sites: When inquiring about becoming an armoury,
please do not assume that because one has the only board in the
area code, state, country, etc., that one will receive t
he site.
Please do not inquire solely for that reason.
Groups: All of them.
Individuals: No such thing.
This goes out to all
members. Weve been
around long enough
to know we can hold
our own and contend
with the best there
is. Nows the time
to maul em all.
..fade into the dark..
...fuck that, ever heard of black-light? Were gonna burn your