DARK Information by Multiple Authors
DARK Information by Multiple Authors
November 1996 Information
logo: Garroter
Into precision
Into the light we fade
Into submission
We all hallucinate
Into the ground
We all dissipate
Into delusion
We all segregate
Amid all this confusion
We lose sight of the enemy
Like evil gods of destruction
They move through liquid
Taken from Front Line Assemblys Millennium
Held silent and unseen, yet known to exist. They are Dark Illustrated,
and now you are given another chance to experience them. Status is only a
word, and those that need not status truly are artists. Within us, see the
powers of loyalty, friendship, trust, and hope. These are the representations
of the future. And that future is Dark Illustrated.
Welcome to the November release from Dark Illustrated. This year is slowly
coming to a close, and with it many scene rumours die. This was the year that
Dark experienced the brunt of the rumours. Darks death was first rumoured
around the late winter, however with several strong packs we were to overcome
this. Again, during the summer we were put to the forefront of group death,
and yes we overcame. Were now 25+ packs strong, how many other groups can
boast that? Acid, Blade, Cia, Dark, and Ice have been around for more than 2
years now. And yes, though Dark is often not mentioned ignorance in the scene
exists moreso now than ever amongst these groups, we definetley belong.
You dont have to look very far for talent these days, and were proof. This
month our roots the 416/905 gave back to us. We once again gained strength
from our home.
As discussed in last months information update, we brought up the fact that
Dark was once again digging in its heals to bring you the best. And this
month well prove that. As the number of ANSI artists in groups decreases,
we will show you that its not quanitity, but quality that shows a thriving
New Members and Member movement
As I said above, this was the month we went back to our roots. Our local
a/c has always been thriving with great talent, and this time we were able
to tap into this talent source. In our ANSI dept. we welcomed Elastic from
the cold iCE that once froze his bones. Elastic is formerly Smokey As well
we welcome Seraphim, whos toons show skill only previously displayed in WatOr
and Armaggeddon Donuts works. the future of toons?! The Prodigy also known
to some as Loser or Fresh joins up with his amazing logo styles. Logos are
cool because every now and then youll spot an artist with such a style that
you know hell achieve greatness, and this one may be it. The last of the
locals this month is Marko aka Holocaust who will become our ONLY ascii
member. His work is known to all, as his ascii style has become so widely
used. No, we arent accepting any other ascii artists. His great ascii will
grace our FAQs, Diz and just about everything we can find! : Clark, an
amazing ANSI artist also joins Dark Illustrated this month. His work shows
what alot of known for quite a while now, and that is that talent runs through
this guys fingers like electricity runs through Carnifex.
Xypher and the Pink Flufftones
This month Xypher Matryx lifelong dream was realized when his band signed
a major record deal with SINY no, its not SONY. Xypher and his Pink
Flufftones have now hit the big time. The cross dressing group has been
responsible for such hits as: Pink and proud, Manicure, and the 1 smash
hit Geraldo love me for my cross dressing. When asked about the name of his
group, Xypher replied with a grunt. The Pink Flufftones responded by telling
us that their not afraid of what people will think of their lipstick, dresses,
and wigs. This also explains why we havent seen a Xypher Matryx ANSI since
god knows when.
Depth Net
Eclipse Net, Darks official message network, is being shut down, and
replaced with Depth Net, a merger of Eclipse Net and Syndicate Net, two
networks that overlapped in too many places.
Internet Affairs
Each month, Darks memberlist contains the most recent list of e-mail
addresses for its artists and staff. If youre web browsing though, you can
link to these addresses through the upcoming Dark web page, or The Lethal AspectOnline, which will be up November 2nd technical delays.
Packs can be obtained through The Regency, Darks Internet HQ, run by
Halaster of Fire. Telnet or FTP to: tregency.res.cmu.edu
You can also find them on: ftp.cdrom.com : The Hornet Archives
wuarchive.wustl.edu : Washington University
tregency.res.cmu.edu : Halasters Regency
As always, members can be found idling, chatting, or behaving in bizarre
manners on channel dark, through IRC.
Dark Member Support
Board Name Status SysOp
The Lethal Aspect DARK World Headquarters Xypher Matryx
Sight Sound DARK Member Board Drone-Fly
The Way Station DARK Member Board The Anarchist
Pulse DARK Member Board Inertia
The Throne DARK Member Board Phantom Lord
Geronimo coming DARK Member Board Garroter
? DARK Member Board Seraphim
As the close of another month comes, one thing remains. Dark Illustrated
is still going strong. After 2+ years of releasing we are still putting out
quality without losing integrity. I joined Dark back in 95 because of one
thing, that same thing was the reason I came back. Its not the ansi, its
not the art. Its not even the cool member boards. Its the members. Dark
members are the friendliest people in any group. You join a group so that you
can work with like-minded people. Through my year in Dark Ive met alot of
cool people. Friendship, loyalty, trust and hope. Its all here, and soon
youll all see it. Sure, numerous groups say that theyre there for the
artist, but only one shows it. Dark meets, late night calls, and great
conversation. Dark Illustrated 1996 comes to a close next month. And Dark
Illustrated 1997 takes over. The members change, the attitude doesnt.
Dark Illustrated 1996 until Infinity