The DARK Sourcefile
August 1994
- Introduction -
DARKs fourth pack is here and its going to blow you away.
Welcome to the DARK August art package. Well keep this NFO file short
and sweet so you can get down to the fun stuff. The group was really
tested these past two months with the Evil Misfit fiasco and the WHq
going down, but that hasnt slowed the group down a bit. We managed to
squeeze out a great pack with the help of everyone in the group. Have
a look for yourself and Im sure youll agree that DARK is moving full
steam ahead.
One little note: DARK still has not lost a member to another group
since the release of our first pack 7 months ago. Perhaps thats an
indication of how much our members enjoy being part of the team. Lots
of groups claim to be only in it for the fun, but only one seems able
to make good on the promise by keeping the group enjoyable for the
- Filenames -
DARK art files will now be named in the following manner:
XXXXX represents five characters for artist name. is a hexadecimal
number representing the number of releases that artist has made to date.
With the increase of conflicts involving initials, its become obvious
that the old Mirage file naming scheme is out-of-date. Hopefully this
new method will help to alleviate that problem. Were hoping that if
any other art groups find this convention logical, they feel free to go
ahead and use it.
Welcome to a new revolution in NFO files! This is the worlds first-
ever interactive text file! Yes, this file has full mouse and Sound
Blaster support, no matter which editor you view it in!
Double-click here for more
Yes, for the first time ever you can enjoy thundering sound effects
through your SoundBlaster-compatible card while viewing a plain text
file from within your favorite editor! Please take a moment to adjust
the volume on your card and prepare for a multimedia explosion.
ERROR 525: IRQ Conflict.
Sound system not initialized
- Member List -
MUS Music Dept COD Coding Dept
LIT Lit. Dept COU Courier
SEN Senior T/C TeleComm
N G U O I O / E
Alias S A S D T U C N
Black Widow
Big Boy
Black Dust
Death Star
Desalvo Forlorn Extender
Drone Fly
Enraged Avenger
The God-Fearing Athiest
Hannibal the Cannibal
Invincible Dawn
The Klown
Liquid Malt
Lord Azzur
Metal Skin
Night Hawk
Ravage Bias
Ritual Slaying
Scimitar Wraith
Shock Wave
Silver Sable
Spaceman Spiff
The Mad Hacker
Tribal Fish
Xypher Matryx
- The Lighter Side -
Things that make you say..
What the fuck?
DARK, spelled backwards, is K-RAD...
Black Widow thinks Im going to say nice things about him when I write
this NFO file, but I actually intend to tell the whole world that he
wears womens underwear. The leather kind with the nipples cut out.
Statistically, 99.9 of all lives end in death.
Evil Dimwit, formerly of DARK, was recently tried and convicted of
grand-theft-ANSi. He was shipped off to a Turkish prison where hes
currently serving hard time as the sex slave of some guy named Vlad.
We always knew hed get it in the end. -
- Site List -
Name A/C Desc. SysOp
Illusion Island 416 WHQ Black Widow
Ninja Bunnies 905 MemberHQ Tesla
Northern Sector 416 CanHQ Technical Disrupter
Harvest Moon 216 Central QuRan
Warner Studios 604 West White Noise
Sanctuary 305 South Tempus Thales
Evolutions End 919 East Eternal Lie
The Heretic Asylum 404 Dist. Jello
Flatlined Reality 613 Dist. Nailz
Cathedral 905 Dist. Crow
Pantheon 703 Dist. Farmicus
Project-X +972 Dist. Nyc-Kid
Dungeon 2 808 Dist. Smooth
Eleutheria 606 Dist. Soul Rebel
Total Chaos 203 Dist. Kinayda
Terra Firma 714 Dist. Somms
The Kilroy BBS +45 Dist. Eivind Hagen
The Web 203 Dist. Spyder Man
Corrosive Poison 516 Dist. Psychotic Fiend
Latitude Zero 510 Dist. Ren Noble
Amber 914 Dist. Corwin of Amber
- DARK Members -
A few people have wondered exactly how DARK chooses who will be a
department head or senior. Naturally, one would assume we carefully
examine each individuals strengths and weaknesses and find a role in
the group that is most fitting for their particular gifts. Actually
though, the main criterion we go on is penis size. We use the following
guide to determine exactly what a DARK members position in the group
should be. Compare yourself to the clearly-labelled diagram and see
just what DARK holds in store for YOU:
0 Cock-O-Meter 8
Lit Writer Coder Musician ANSi NFO Writer
Naturally, seniors dont appear on the above scale as they all had their
cocks wedged so far up their asses we couldnt measure them. Also,
the scale only goes up to 8 inches since anyone with a penis over 8
would have more important things to do with their time than join an art
group. Most other groups have a similar scheme to determine a persons
position in the group with everyones favorite gay art group measuring
depth of anal penetration as opposed to penis size.
Speaking of anal penetration, wed like to welcome Laserlore back from
his trip to Greece.
- Greets -
DARK would like to say hello to the following people and groups:
ACiD iCE Nation Imperial
Lapse Corruption CyberCon RELiC
Crow Eternal Lie Somms White Noise The Mad Hacker
Tempus RedMan Skull Leader Mr. Sinister
Spyder Man R.Noble Prozac Mandor
Elminster Aphex Cavalier Metal Skins Mom
and all the guys we forgot
- Dedication -
This pack is dedicated to
Xypher Matryx
For working hard to help
your friends, and for
not letting life keep you down.
Be young, have fun, drink DARK, join Pepsi...