DARK .NFO 01/96 by Xypher Matryx
DARK .NFO 01/96 by Xypher Matryx
I got stuck doing the .NFO again.
Welcome to the 01/96 DARK Collection, the latest in a series of ir-
regular releases from this Canada-based group. To begin with, well give
you a rundown of whats happened in the past month:
Eclipse-Net, DARKs art-dedicated message network, is being rebuilt.
The return of The Lethal Aspect, DARKs World Headquarters, has provided
the net a second chance. At the moment, its in a heavy debugging stage
the sysop of TLA is a dork, but keep those globes peeled for the chance
to connect.
Rumours of evil omyns have been filtering through the ranks...
This February marks the second anniversary of the D-clan. Well be
two packs to the world first, the traditional monthly, which should rock
domes like a baseball game, and second, the Best of 1995 pack, with all
the highlights and retrospectives, *gag* of last year. Were also
switching release times by a bit DARK packs will be available near the
end of the month from February onward.
On a different tip, DARK recently submitted a portfolio of high-rez
artwork to a local paper the Toronto Star, in an attempt to display the
skills our artists have. One or two or our members also sent entries for
the Stars Fast Forward Digital Art Contest, and we wish them the best
of luck there.
4th Disciple, DARKs ANSI Department Head, released Afrozine 1 to
the public this month, and its been well recieved in all quarters. One
complaint *was* voiced, however, from the Jheri Curl Society of Upper St.
Johns. A swift tactical bombing resolved the disturbance.
Now for the next shtuff:
Further down in this text, youll find the inital draft for the LORD
In-Game Module challenge. Well be keeping you updated on entriesand
clarfications monthly, so again, glue those eyelids to your foreheadsand
pop those No-Doze tablets like Nerdz candy.
Things on IRC have been hoppin. Check the IRC News section of this
.NFO file for more.
Were expanding again, after a near-death experience with anorexia.
New artists have joined the group, with fresh ideas and different styles,
so be ready for an onslaught.
Ill end this now, here, without further ado. Whatever.
xypherMatryx of d-clan
The L.O.R.D. In-Game Module Challenge
Tired of making BBS ads and add-ons? Want to do something more
than just an e-mag? Sick of releases for pack after pack after
DARK offers your group a challenge.
As you may know, Seth Ables popular online door Legend of the
Red Dragon has a feature that allows a SysOp to insert In-Game
Modules, which are basically mini-games within the game. Heres
the idea:
Groups willing to participate have until July 1st, 1996, to make
a themed IGM for LORD, with ANSI and/or RIP support, and with a
minimum of one interesting feature that hasnt already been done
to death. By themed we mean that your IGM should incorporate
something a little out-of-the-LORDinary.
IGMs will be judged based on their themes, their graphics, their
use of pre-existing and/or new features, and on how well theyve
been debugged. Ideally, one representative from each group
will be asked to help judge all entries, based on the criteria
If youre willing to accept the challenge, or want to know more
about it, either leave e-mail at omyn@inforamp.net, or look for
Xypher Matryx on IRC. Any updates in regulations and a complete
list of participants will be released in the monthly DARK packs,
in the DARK Web page, or in any zine willing to cover the story.
Be sure to notify a member of DARK that your group is enterring
the contest, and provide the following information:
Contact alias/email address, Group, Name of IGM.
ie. Xypher Matryx omyn@inforamp.net, DARK, 36 Chambers
Thats the basics, for now, so spread the word, and get cracking
on something.
Internet Shtuff
If youre looking for the latest DARK information, and pack, you
can Web on over to http://www.io.org/drasiland veg.
Theres also an FTP site, atarppegio.res.cmy.eduto grab packs.
IRC events
The Frenchare still pissed about World War 2. Lurking in dark
is CousBot and armada. Battle ensued, and DARK came out on top,
with a peace settlement at hand. Recent activity suggests a new
attempt at a takeover may be in the works. Zut alors!, laisses-
nous faires!
Xypher Matryx recently instigated a near-riot, with his Purt-y
animal nick mode. Newcomers to the channel were stunned whenan
entire /names list showed Purts everywhere. Xoopurt ex-ehm,
Moopurt Mist of Death , Boopurt Burnout , Pooburt Prison
Breaker attempting to start a Burt mode, Swoopurt Swindler,
Noopurt Nuclear Inferno , and infamous greeter, Groopurt The
Green Hornet of all people!are being sought for questionning.
Well keep you posted.
Channel-ops, topic, and nick-collision wars were also a common
occurance, showing an uglier side of this growing IRCmovement.
Finally, DARK demonstrated true international suave, with their
hosting of the Chin/Chun gang from the Far East. This was truly
a most bizarre moment, as at first, members of the group thought
one of the Chuns was NightHawk, a famed VGA artist from DARKs
That concludes this report. Stay tuned for more...
Filenames work like this: XXXXX-.DRK
five characters we hope represents an artists name adequately.
2-digit number representing the number of releases this artist
has had since 01/96. The counter has been reset.
The Lethal Aspect has an online DARK-chive with all past packs
available for download. You can also grab releases from the
FTP sitelisted in here somewhere.
DARKVIEW currently has a few bugs in it. Most annoying of which
is its inability to display .JPGs properly. Were working on a
new edition of the viewer, so bear with us. Please and thanks.
Member Boards
The Lethal Aspect World Headquarters Xypher Matryx
Sight Sound Member Board Drone-Fly
Demesne Member Board Deaccession
Realm of Darkness Member Board Master of Darkness
Components Member Board David Tym
After months of argument and debate, the matter of sites has been
resolved. Distribution sites for art groups have become a thing of
the past, in our opinion. Thanks to the Internet, getting a pack
from one end of the globe to the other isnt nearly as difficult or
We thank all those whove supported DARK on their BBSes, and hope
theyll continue to carry our packs.
As of next month, member boards and Eclipse-Net sites will be the
only boards listed in the .NFO and FAQ.
Inevergettodogreets. Soheregoes!
Yggdrasil, Sudden Impact, Mist of Death, Prison Breaker, Moby, Black
Widow, Forlorn Extender, The Green Hornet, Acidic Soap, Laserlore,
Crow, Surgeon General, Tesla bunnies!, Raize, Katt, Holocaust, Mace,
The Lone Stranger, Red Dwarf, Screaming Mute, Megaman, Nighthawk,
Firestone, Night Angel, Killjoy Sandman the madd days on TOS,
Empedocles AOx, Nuclear Inferno, Meridian meridiot! , Marauder,
Shadow Dancer, Haplo, Burnout, Grindstone, Sinned Soul, Lady Onyx,
Master of Darkness, Genesis Porridge, Space Ace, Arc Angel, Gopher,
Mass Destruction, Swindler, Jet Pack, Origin Unkown Method Man,
Opium, Preying Menace, Rainmaker, Toy Soldier, Chaotic Fiend, Rif
Raf, Ravage Bias, Napolean, Dakhath, Elminster Invincible Dawn,
Daze, Deaccession, Xantech, Nootropic, Chromatik merci, The God
Fearing Atheist, Epitaph KillChild riiiiice, Acidic Morality,
Scrupulous, Relayer phone tag!, Equinox, Fresh, Godless, Riptide,
Black Ire, Gremlin, Egoteq, Chemical Warfare, Software Polluter,
Vulcan, Shock Wave, Critical Illusion, Spaceman Spiff, Alchemist,
Hannibal the Cannibal, Predator, Apocalypse, Bass Lion, Rubeic Cube,
Shrapnel, Genocide, Drone-Fly, Spyrit, The Retarded Warrior, Rain,
Einstein, Stile, Smokey, Criminal Behaviour, Potus, Tribal Fish,
The Dark Agressor, Razor SoS, my first skull! , Dreamscanner,
Jugger Grimrod, Dredd 2 more years man..., Narcosis, Unknown
Artist, Dragon, Laser, and finally, Tempus Thales, aka God.
With the exception of God, I know all of these people. Whats worse
is that Ive forgotten nearly as many people as Ive remembered. For
those of you in the latter category whore reading this, bash me up-
side the head sometime to let me know youre still alive! This does
apply to more than a few of you above as well.
And of course, heys and his to the thousands of other groups out
there, living or dead, who helped make the scene what it is today.
I dedicate this pack to my niece..