- / e . nCy
OoO nODES 1 - 410SHOT 24hOURZ - 6 dAYZ / wEEK tUES cLOSE OoO
oOo pRESIDENT: Blind Sniper hIGH aGENT: sTALKA / cK187 oOo
Info Dat
0 tHE AGENCY WHQ Of Department 38
0 tHE AGENCY Down Wit The Schiznit
SHOGUN Blind Sniper
NINJA SPYS Stalka/ cK187
: MessagesNets Too
Assorted Files
Department 38 More... Honest!
Z : Inter-bbs/Doors
. nODES: 1
649410-SHOT Running:
2 Renegade
P H A T xxxxxx-SooN NUP
. 3
Gu i ll o t i n e z Taking-Room
Now The Shout-Outs
Haha.. Shit askii, dontcha love it?
Stalka A man always with the styles to the end.
Even if you are still at school :
Gomez Where the hell are you???
Aneurysm Class act.
You aint no rower either man!
cK187 Well, what can I say? You say it all yourself
Madcap Youre the man when it comes to the Department...
I have a psychic feeling youre gonna make it big Pray
oOZE Prize boy! :
AnD - A big SHAoLIN shout to the hustler I call Konectz/Dogg.
Im aget you those pimp chains mate!
If I missed you, unlucky - come tell me :
Cya. Were Outee